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The benefits of outsourcing in the launch and expansion of your small business
When Ana Rodriguez brought her father’s shirt-making business from Madrid to London (and the internet), she had no plans on compromising the brand’s high standards of quality and service. With three-decades of bespoke shirt-making experience behind them, Santamaria tailoring house has built themselves a reputation for offering top-class quality shirts at reasonable prices.

While they are strongly against outsourcing the production of their shirts to the Far East Santamaria shirtmakers are more than delighted to tap into the ever-growing pool of global freelance talent to satisfy their seasonal business demands.

Ana tells us their approach to sourcing on-demand talent is as meticulous as the art of making the shirt itself.

A one-stop-shop for all business needs

Launching a well-established brand in a new market is a difficult, demanding and risk-ridden project. Not only did Ana need to make sure her father’s brand continues to thrive, but she also had to build the operations of a physical and online shop from the ground up – doing everything from marketing to button design.

“To be honest, in an age where so many disciplines are required in order to run a business online, I don’t know what else a small business can do other than using a platform like PeoplePerHour to source the right experts for the job,” Ana shares.

She explains how outsourcing enabled her to nail Santamaria’s branding and launch in the UK: “PeoplePerHour has been invaluable in launching and expanding our business. It is a one-stop-shop for anything we need. We have used it to hire freelancers for writing projects, photoshoots, PPC managers, PR managers, graphic designers and more. As the platform allows freelancers to upload portfolios, we get the best person for the job; it’s really made a difference by taking the guesswork out of outsourcing.”

PeoplePerHour offers all outsourcing benefits with no risks

“We have been using PeoplePerHour to deal with many situations, but the fundamental problem that the platform has solved for us is resourcing,” explains Ana.

“As we have a small team and as a retail business, our projects are seasonal, so we cannot have full-time staff for all the different aspects of the business. With PeoplePerHour we have sourced a network of trusted freelancers we can depend on when we need something done outside of the core skills of our team.”

Santamaria shirtmakers

While outsourcing solves this huge headache for seasonal businesses, the practice of hiring on-demand experts comes with its own worries. Small business owners often express concerns about paying upfront or hiring people they hardly know, citing the possibility of poor quality, late — or even worse — no delivery. Thankfully, PeoplePerHour has all sorts of checks and measures in place to make both parties feel at ease when building new work relationships and kicking off new projects.

Ana tells us that working with freelancers on PeoplePerHour has been very straightforward: “The chat system makes it very easy to communicate and keeps all information in the same place to review easily, even if different people from our team log in at different times. But the thing we like the most is the Escrow functionality. It gives us peace of mind that we will get our project done at the expected standard. Hiring freelancers can be stressful but the Escrow functionality makes it risk-free.”

PPH - Santa Maria Shirt Makers

Completing the third year of their outsourcing journey, Santamaria shirtmakers admit they’re now using PeoplePerHour on a daily basis. Without it, they wouldn’t know how to cope with the increasing diversity of demands and challenges that come with a growing business.

When asked if she’d recommend PeoplePerHour to another small business, Ana has no doubts: “Absolutely. It’s the first place that we look at when we want something done.”

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Santamaria shirtmakers
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Keep all communication on the chat system. Use the escrow to hire freelancers risk-free.
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The successful launch in a new market, Launching an online store.

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