Freelancer success stories – Craig Brett

In our last blog, we talked extensively about side hustles. Side hustles are a great way to make extra cash in addition to your full-time gig and sometimes they can evolve into a new, standalone career. This is exactly what happened to Craig Brett- a freelance writer on our platform. We caught up with Craig to find out how he grew his side hustle to the point where he was able to leave traditional employment and become his own boss under the name Freelance Writing Studio. This is Craig’s freelance success story.

Before starting my PeoplePerHour side hustle, I worked as an administrator.

I had worked in this role for 3 years and enjoyed it but several job advances and promotions had not worked out for me and this is when I found PeoplePerHour.

I was actively looking for a second income and enjoyed writing.

I had no idea where to begin my side hustle or how to win clients. I did a Google search, found PeoplePerHour and decided to join. While I joined the platform oozing enthusiasm, I quickly realised that it was a competitive platform with a lot of highly-rated writers. My desire to earn a second income in my own time really appealed to me and so, I persevered.

To make the side hustle a success, I understood that I needed a break and I got that shortly after joining PeoplePerHour.

A client required content for a PowerPoint presentation and I successfully completed the task. The positive feedback soon followed and then more people started to slowly get in touch with me regarding taking on work for them. Before I know it, I was earning some additional cash as a side hustle and it was extremely rewarding. I wanted more work and I knew that PeoplePerHour was the platform to take me there! The journey was just beginning and I was saddling up for the ride!

To begin with the work dripped slowly into my Inbox…

In time, the workload increased and queries came in thick and fast, I had to actively manage this new side hustle that had almost fallen into my lap. I found that I would complete tasks after I had finished work for the day. I would complete some work early in the morning (I am an early bird as I believe that it is the best time of the day for being most productive, hence why I begin work at 6:15 am and my clients start receiving work by 7am!) and I would also fit it in during the weekends. I made sure that it did not take up too much of my spare time but the flexibility that came with it was a dream come true and that is the real benefit of using a platform such as PeoplePerHour.

There were two real motivators for me to make the transition.

The first was the freedom to work when it suited me. The second was the additional income. Both factors worked together to the point where the transition was a dream. Making the switch was simple. I had the client base in place and a reputation that set me apart and packed a punch. All of this came as a result of a lot of patience but it also came through hard work and determination. Building a client base online is not something that happens overnight but I had put in the work to get to the point where the transition was completely feasible.

So, I was motivated by success, I was motivated by freedom and I was motivated by the ability to take control of my earnings and my workload!

PeoplePerHour provides a ready-made side hustle solution.

This removes the hassle of starting up on your own. At first, things were slow moving but I did expect that. However, I had everything I needed in one place. I could apply for jobs, reply to messages and of course, offer my services. As a new freelance writer starting out, it gave me access to more potential clients than I would find anywhere else. It kind of puts you in the shop window from day one and that is always a good thing in my eyes.

There are several reasons why people are going down the side hustle route.

I believe that there are several reasons why people are going down this route. First of all, I believe people need to deal with increasing costs associated with living and their day jobs are not giving them what they want. Second, I believe more people want to take control of their income and have the freedom that they might not get with working in a second job in another industry such as retail. Finally, I also think people want to test the water and see if working in their side hustle could work for them as a full-time gig.

This was certainly the case for me and 18-months in, I haven’t looked back. People Per Hour has given me everything I need to take a successful side hustle and turn it into a successful full-time profession that is going from strength to strength.

Are you inspired by Craig’s story? Get started as a buyer or freelancer on our platform today.