Interview with Sam Palmer, PeoplePerHour Academy Graduate

How do you become a successful graphic designer? We caught up with PeoplePerHour Academy graduate, Sam to discuss everything from the future of graphic design to why there’s nothing better than a bowl of pasta.

If I had to explain what I do to a 5 year-old, I’d say…

I tell my daughter that I make things look pretty. My dad used to always ask me “did you do lots of colouring in today?”.

From a young age my dream was to study at Central St Martins in London…

So that was the only place I applied to study Graphic Design. If I got in I was going to university and if I didn’t I was going to get a design placement and start working my way up. Thankfully I got in!

The future of graphic design is digital.

I still love a pen and paper though, I don’t think I’ll ever give that up.

I decided to go freelance because…

As a Mum, the juggle can be hard so freelancing is the best option to work when my daughter doesn’t need me. I love that I can drop her at school and pick her up. I choose the hours that I can work and it’s a much better life/work balance.

My piece of advice for anyone considering going freelance would be…

Do it! It’s scary at first so always line up some work or get a regular client and build up from there. You have to keep going and be persistent. It’s like buses, the wait can be long but then it all seems to come at once.

If I wasn’t a Graphic Designer…

It was always between being a textile designer or a graphic designer. I only ever wanted to be in the art and design world.

My favourite app is Instagram.

I seem to always be on it as my personal account (@sampalmerdesigns), my brand (@lubelulondon) and my club (@thebrushletteringclub). I love how inspiring it is and you can always find ideas or new brands/products. In regards to being a small business on Instagram, there is also a lovely community around supporting small businesses. I’ve met a lot of great people.

My last meal would be…

There’s nothing like a big bowl of pasta with the proper Italian tomato sauce and of course loads of parmesan cheese. Simple but delicious!

I had a funny career moment whilst freelancing at a company that had a resident pug dog.

When I used to sit at my desk, the dog would unknowingly go under the desk and jump up and push me back in my chair on wheels. This was a regular occurrence!

My mantra is to dream big and go for it.

What’s the worst that could happen? At least you tried.