Meet our PeoplePerHour Academy mentors

According to research conducted by the WorkingMums 2018 Annual Survey, 25% of Mums work full-time with no flexibility, while 56% worry that their flexible working will be taken away.

Juggling work and parenthood is not exactly a piece of cake, but we think going freelance can solve some of the associated challenges. After all, freelancing offers flexibility, freedom and autonomy with the chance to set your own hours and be your own boss. So, we decided to launch an Academy to help more people to go freelance and for phase one we focused our efforts on helping parents.

From marketing yourself as a freelancer to managing time and working out the tricky tax and financial side, we found a kick-ass team of mentors from PeoplePerHour to help us deliver the training. Find out a little bit more about them below.

Meet our PeoplePerHour Academy mentors…

“Before freelancing I worked full time as a Finance Manager.  In this role I managed the international department of the company and 9 full-time staff. The motivation to become a freelancer was freedom. I spent a lot of time travelling and worked long days. The motivation to work for yourself is so much better.

I became a mentor because I love helping and advising people and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do this.  Helping people to shape their future and ensuring they get it correct gives me a great deal of satisfaction. My advice to those looking to go freelance is to build up a client base before fully making the leap to ensure that your finances are covered. Patience and persistence is needed.”

“Before freelancing, I worked as a police officer and later became an E-commerce business owner. The motivation to become a freelancer was spurred on by friends and family. I was receiving a lot of requests for advice while running my own E-commerce business and realised I could use the skills and experience I had built up to help others on a professional level. I wanted to give myself a better life both financially and in terms of the hours I work. Freelancing gives me a level of freedom that other employment simply can’t provide. I’m passionate about travel and that is one of the biggest perks of freelancing – no more asking for time off!

I thrive on helping others to make a success of freelancing and enjoy talking about the advantages and challenges of being a freelancer. I had the same doubts that many of the students had at the beginning and want to give reassurance that doubts can be overcome and anyone can do this. If you want to make that leap, my advice would be try it! You’ll never know unless you make that leap. I put off freelancing for a long time because of the common myths and doubts, but I wish I started sooner. Start small, build your reputation and you will thrive!”


“I started my freelance journey on PeoplePerHour as a digital marketer. I quickly built up a client base and gained a wide array of skills which enabled me to eventually launch my own agency. Today, I employ a team of 7. I now use PeoplePerHour every day as a buyer.

As someone who has used PeoplePerHour as both a freelancer and a buyer, I’ve experienced the platform from both sides. As a working Mum, I want to use my knowledge of the platform to help other parents to thrive as freelancers.”