London Fashion Week 2019 – Our illustrators bring the fashion industry to life

London Fashion Week kicks off today and with it comes a circus of colours, bold trends and illustrious designers showcasing their latest creations.

Love it or loathe it, style is deeply personal and an undeniable part of our culture. From normcore to glamorous rock’n’roll, high-street to couture, there are countless ways to dress, impress or simply blend in.

To mark the occasion, we want to share some of the outstanding work of our freelance community.

From Indonesia to Warsaw, we have a network of over 500 fashion illustrators. All of the fashion illustrators featured here are active users on the platform and gave permission for their work to be shared.

And that’s just one category. We also have fashion buyers, photographers, stylists, designers and writers from over 177 countries.

These illustrations encapsulate just how individualistic and vibrant the industry can be.

Recently, The Independent ran a piece warning that with the incoming doom of Brexit and pressure from climate change groups, this may be the last London Fashion Week.

It’s tough to predict exactly what will happen in the future, but one thing’s for sure- where fashion is concerned, it certainly won’t be boring.

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