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Exploit the advantages of outsourcing to outsmart big competitors
Located just off London’s famous Carnaby Street, the gentlemen’s outfitter counts more than 200 years in business. Although the spirit and values of Peckham Rye have remained untouched throughout history, Martin says they’ve realised that times are changing and the company needs support to remain competitive.

“I use PeoplePerHour more than Google these days!” says Martin Brightly, owner of the tailoring house Peckham Rye.

“We always sat in wonderment as big companies seemed to be able to do all sorts of great things both on and offline. We never knew how they did it, or the skills required.” Discovering PeoplePerHour was a paradigm-shifting discovery for the Peckham Rye team.

Peckham Rye Tailors

The advantages of outsourcing for small businesses

“Imagine our surprise when we found PeoplePerHour,” says Martin. “Suddenly, we were empowered – in fact, we could conceivably see how we could compete, albeit in a small way, with many of the industry peers who have bigger budgets and bigger teams.”

Peckham Rye Tailors

Experiencing the gig economy first hand allowed Peckham Rye to execute top-notch marketing projects to go head-to-head with industry giants. And, for the first time, fully fathom the breadth of skills available on demand and the potential it unlocks for small businesses.

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing projects to freelancers is that even the smallest of businesses can access A-level talent; specialists who would be unaffordable to hire full-time. If they at all showed interest in working with small businesses like Peckham Rye.

Peckham Rye Tailors

PeoplePerHour has given us access to a skill set that enables us to compete, I’d say, on near-level terms with some of the big-budget players in our market,” shares Martin Brighty.

The appeal of the PeoplePerHour Offers: flexibility, cost-effectiveness and innovation

“We all read about the ‘gig economy’, but it’s different when you actually sit down and start to work with those in it,” says Martin. “I was amazed how quickly the freelancers I contacted grasped the situation — be it marketing, short film, web SEO support, or PR…” and got to work on the project at hand.

Peckham Rye Tailors

The fast-changing business landscape, the advancement of new technologies and the rapid evolution of online marketing means it’s nearly impossible for most business owners to stay on top of the latest trends. That’s where the gig economy comes into the picture and gives businesses the best chance of staying abreast.

“Now we are pretty much committed to PeoplePerHour and there are other projects that we want to take forward,” says Martin. “Projects that we could never have imagined possible! For example, one short film we made gained us over 13,000 views in a week and we doubled our Facebook followers over one month.”

“We like PeoplePerHour as the rates are presented from the outset — you know exactly what you have to pay. The project brief sets the time frame and when the project returns you can agree on any changes needed. But when the project is over everyone goes their own way.”

Peckham Rye Tailors

While Peckham Rye has a few ongoing projects, such as social media management, Martin explains that most of the jobs they complete through PeoplePerHour are one-offs. Being able to dip in and out of the platform as and when you need something, gives them the opportunity to experiment, stay lean and move to the next thing while the trend is hot.

He wraps up: “PeoplePerHour frees up time and saves our company money… I’m really very happy that this whole platform exists. It’s made a big impact on my company, and yes, without a doubt, I would, and do, recommend the platform to others!”

Martin Brighty
Martin Brighty
Peckham Rye
Martin's pro tip
Use the freelancer offers to experiment and stay on top of the latest trends
Martin's Success Metrics
13,000 video views in a week, Doubling Facebook followers in one month

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