How freelance graphic designers helped this guerrilla marketing start-up
When Francois de Vinols and his co-founder Koorosh Madani realised some of our daily takeaway coffee cups were unbranded, the idea has spurred a creative guerrilla marketing solution. Since then, CupTheMarket has flourished into a successful business.

Founded in late 2016, CupTheMarket works with independent coffee shops and universities to turn boring coffee cups into eye-grabbing marketing campaigns. The company gives their clients the opportunity to target and engage specific audiences in an unexpected way.


While the team had no shortage of mind-bending ideas, turning them into actual, compelling designs put a damper on their creative process. Unable to execute the opportunity, Francois started an online hunt for well-rounded freelance graphic designers, which led him to PeoplePerHour.

Freelance Graphic Designers outperform creative agencies

“We love to create beautiful designs that people love and engage with, but we are not designers,” confesses Francois de Vinols, co-founder of CupTheMarket. “We have good idea generation skills and we love to brainstorm to create great campaign pitches and designs, but when it comes to execution, we need help. Having had a negative experience with creative agencies, we decided to hire freelance graphic designers with great experience and quality in their projects.”

The speed of execution is a “vital cog in the creative machine”, explains Francois. Time to market is often what matters most in guerrilla marketing and creative agencies are notoriously famous for clogged processes and high costs. That’s why being able to source and quickly onboard the right freelance talent is a key growth driver for CupTheMarket.

Francois elaborates: “What I have noticed about PeoplePerHour compared to creative agencies is that freelancers have a real passion for their work. You can see their portfolio, previous projects, reviews and responsiveness, which are all very essential when it comes to creative projects. What I was fascinated with the choice between reaching out to freelance graphic designers directly or posting a project and receiving tailored quotes.”

But the fast turnaround isn’t the only benefit that makes working with freelancers a better solution for lean businesses. It’s the freelancers’ deep expertise and the opportunity to connect on a personal level that can give them an additional leg-up in the cut-throat advertising industry.

“Since our first project was very time-limited and complex, I had to arrange a meeting with one of the best and most helpful designers I have come across in a long time. Not only was she giving us advice she was deeply involved in the creative side and offering suggestions and ideas.

Without PeoplePerHour, we would have not been able to find such an incredible freelance graphic designer. What is even more fascinating is that she even gave me design advice for my future projects so I could be more efficient.”

Accessing vital skills on-demand fuels growth

When asked if PeoplePerHour made an impact on the growth of his business, Francois didn’t hold back: “My experience with PeoplePerHour has been incredible. We received what we wanted, when we wanted it, with great designs by experienced freelancers who are committed to delivering on time.”

Having a good grip on the core tasks within your organisation means you know exactly what kind of help you need and why. The only problem is finding the right people with the right skills when you need them. But for CupTheMarket, says Francois, this problem was solved the moment their first project hit the high marks.

“When we are asked to create a design for a client, it’s a big deal. The design is the campaign. It gets printed on up to 100,000 cups! The results of the whole campaign highly rely on the design. A good designer can translate your idea into a real-life cup design.”


“The advantage is that on PeoplePerHour we can see the freelancer portfolios. From there, we get a feel for what these designers work with and understand their style. And now, whenever we outsource to freelancer graphic designers, or if we do not have the time to finish designs ourselves, we simply turn to PeoplePerHour to find the best people to work with.”

The opportunity to lean on freelance skills when needed has also given CupTheMarket confidence in pitching more diverse and novel projects to clients that they wouldn’t be able to execute in-house.

“Our second project was to create a line of high-end leather cardholders. But how could we start designing without a structure? A PeoplePerHour freelancer created a cardholder design on Adobe for us, with the right dimensions, pocket structure and look and feel. All we had to do was play with different colours and artworks we wanted to put onto our cardholders,” reveals Francois.

“With the advice and support of the freelance graphic designer, we have actually produced 2 prototypes of the cardholders from the digital designs she created for us. Thanks to the designer’s great skills we have a great new product ready to launch when the time is right for our business.”

Empowered by his personal experiences on PeoplePerHour, Francois confesses he has now become the biggest evangelist of the platform, promoting its services to his friends and colleagues whenever he has a chance.

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