How professional freelancers can help you build a thriving local business
In 2006, long before Scandinavian cuisine and culture inspired modern living, a Danish and Swedish duo (Bronte & Jonas) found themselves feeling homesick while combing the streets of London for authentic Scandinavian food. With next to nothing on the market, they decided to open their own place, and that’s where the story of ScandiKitchen began.

“The ease of communication and security provided by the platform make the process of outsourcing an effortless endeavour,” says Bronte Aurell from ScandiKitchen, but hiring professional freelancers hasn’t always been the obvious choice for this young small business.

Professional Freelancers

Although the café has become a go-to spot for Scandi food, products and culture, its core team remained small. The duo have a huge ambition to become the UK’s favourite one-stop-shop for all things Scandi but have limited in-house resources. So ScandiKitchen had to get creative with their growth strategy.

Outsourcing to professional freelancers lets you focus on core tasks

Prior to finding PeoplePerHour, ScandiKitchen worked with an agency in an effort to build and run their PPC campaign. But they felt the job wasn’t big enough to get the full attention of the account director, so they had to look for a viable alternative. Managing the process in-house proved to be too time-consuming, so the team decided to outsource the project to seasoned professional freelancers on PeoplePerHour.

Benefits of on-demand freelancers

“With PeoplePerHour, we have been able to work in a more focused way. We outsource elements that we are no experts in, but we are not yet at the stage where we need to invest in an in-house team. It means we can focus on what we do best and share the workload with others,” said Bronte.

“We have outsourced 80% of our pay-per-click advertising and can now focus on our overarching goals. We leave the setup and ongoing management on a detailed level to someone who knows it better.”

Find a freelancer who suits your business

For a small business like ScandiKitchen, hiring highly experienced professionals full-time is both risky and expensive; two things that bootstrapping businesses aim to avoid like the plague. The gig economy offers these businesses an invaluable alternative: hire professional freelancers when you need them.


“We can’t do everything ourselves. Using PeoplePerHour allows us to tap into a talent pool with great expertise on a level that suits our business.”

The ScandiKitchen team clearly rates the benefits from hiring freelance specialists on-demand: immediate access to a network of highly qualified people, having reviews from other businesses at hand and the seamless hiring process. Most of all Bronte and her team love the freedom of hiring professional freelancers on a project or even hourly basis. It is a pivotal advantage for small businesses.


“The biggest advantage has been the ability to outsource things we are too small to be able to do ourselves, but not big enough to set up in-house and work with freelance professionals on a scale that suits us, without the need to commit to a set number of hours.”

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Bronte Aurell
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Establish an on-going relationship with professional freelancers to benefit long-term and get great results

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