A note on our recent advertising campaign

In light of the criticism surrounding our recent advertising campaign, we would like to address the issues raised and sincerely apologise for any offence caused.

We have listened to your feedback and the advertisement is currently in the process of being changed.

While we agree that the messaging has clearly missed the mark, we would like to clarify that this advert was never intended to be patronising or belittling to women.

The term Girl Boss was coined by the Founder of Nasty Gal Sophia Amorusu, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Girl Boss is a well-known buzzword and the intention of using this term was to empower women, not condescend.

At PeoplePerHour it is our mission to champion and celebrate the skills of everyone and help business owners to get things done. We know that women can be both SEO experts and business owners. The idea behind the ad is that busy business owners can hire freelancers to help with tasks they may not have time for. We definitely do not believe or want to imply that women are incapable of doing more than one thing. We have thousands of experts on our website and we recognise the breadth of skills that both genders possess.

This advert was produced by an external agency and in hindsight, we can see that the messaging is misguided and pairing the term Girl Boss with the word ‘thing’ comes across as reductive.

We take your comments extremely seriously and our focus now is to ensure that our values as a brand are not misconstrued in any future campaigns.

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What’s ridiculous is that you have to apologise for this. The ad is actually great, most people are familiar with Amoruso’s “girl boss” hint, which only means “young female entrepreneur” in the context. Your agency did a good job, too bad people get so sensitive these days. I find it quite fresh and.. yes, I’m sort of a “girl boss” myself. Also just found about peopleperhour.com through this negative viral bs about the ad so… not all mess is bad mess 🙂 Just don’t go do boring ads now for 10 years because of insecure people


Georgiana, as a successful SEO and an entrepreneur, I found this ad highly belittling. The apology is necessary, it has nothing to do with insecurity and everything to do with poor advertising. There are infinite ways to make interesting, groundbreaking, viral ads without needing to bring gender into it at all. I also have an issues with the term ‘girl boss’… I don’t care who coined it, it is itself reductive and not remotely empowering.


I completely agree, Sam and complained to Advertising Standards. I’m very pleased to see this apology.

Catherine Birch
Catherine Birch

Yes I completely agree Sam, I am amazed Georgiana is defending the advert. It is awful to see it on the tube in the morning rush hour. I am a company director and have used people per hour but I won’t now. It’s good that they apologised and admitted they got it very wrong, but it’s too disappointing that a modern business promoting business could ever think this was empowering for women rather than condescending.

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