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Business Info

What is the name of your business or website?

What does your website do?

List latest Vouchers and deals

What differentiates your business from its competitors?

We have website , App and Google Chrome extension ( . Instant Search able data

What industry is your business mostly related to?
    • Shopping and deals


    What is your target audience?
    • 13-18
    • 18-29
    • 30-49
    • 50-64
    • 65+
    • Male
    • Female

    Website Details

    Is this a new or replacement website?
    • Replacement
      How many pages does your website have?
    • 2-4
    Are there any features that MUST be included on the site?
    • Blog Page
    • Contact Form
    • Mobile-Friendly Website
    • Newsletter Signup Form
    • Social Media
    Can you give examples of similar or favorite websites?
    What do you want your site to achieve?

    Cross Browser and Responsive , engaging and nicely fit chrome extension as well. Difference between other vouchers sits and this one the instant search feature with search word highlighted.

    Brand Guidelines

    How should your users feel in the first 5 seconds of seeing your website?
    • Confident
    • Excited
    • Fulfilled
    • Invigorated
    • Loved
    • Loyal
    • Optimistic
    • Secure
    Do you have a logo?
    What colors would you like to include in your website?

    Contest Details

    Which page of the website would you like to be designed?

    Home page