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The problem many sellers find is that unlike Facebook and Google, Amazon have yet to crack the self-service ad system, resulting in thousands of retailers finding the platform overlapping and difficult to navigate, leading to thousands in wasted ad spend and lost sales.

Fortunately for you, our team have 6+ years of internal Amazon marketing experience, working alongside some of the largest brands across the globe.

After conducting an deep dive audit of your PPC campaigns, we will provide a detailed report outlining bespoke recommendations that will help you achieve the following goals:

Goal #1 - Increase Sales

:- Bid Modification: Increase Bids for Ad Groups and Keywords resulting in higher sales (Keep Target ACoS in consideration). Similarly, identify and decrease bids for poor performing ad groups and keywords.

:- Identifying new keywords using an array of external tools and advertising specific reports: identify new converting keywords and add them under existing campaigns to maximize sales within them.

:- Budget Adjustment: Increase budgets for high performing campaigns or for the campaigns where budgets get exhausted before the day ends.

:- Leveraging all the match types for keywords - broad, phrase & exact to maximize auction winning possibilities.

Goal #2 – Reduce ACoS

:- Bids Adjustments: Modification of bids helps control the ACoS allowing you to invest more on well performing keywords that help drive incremental traffic thus reducing the overall ACoS of the campaign.

:- Check for keywords match types performance, this would allow you to determine which keywords work best in which match type, this would allow you to streamline the keywords and the match type that works best so you’ll be able to attain a lower ACoS.

:- Account re-structure – if the campaigns created already have poor structure, we restructure the campaign by improving keywords, ads, ad groups etc.

:- Negative Keywords – helps reduce ACoS by blocking irrelevant clicks.

The thing is, Amazon has quickly become a pay-to-play marketplace, with 80% of sellers reporting that they plan to increase their ad spend to take advantage of the ever improving advertising tools to generate more sales.

If you want to find, attract and engage millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their journey, then you must be leveraging Amazon Advertising to maximise your sales, or risk getting lost in the wilderness.

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