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What you get with this Offer

I will provide 1000 words of copy for your website. This content will be well written, well researched, a minimum of 1000 words, and will outline your business effectively.
1000 words generally covers two web pages, a home page and an ‘about us’ page, for example. If you need more or less than this you can message me directly for a price.
I use Copyscape and write plagiarism free content. I am very good at putting things into my own words and at explaining technical things so that they are easy to understand. I am also an exceptional copy writer with more than ample experience in providing unique content for websites.
Subjects I have covered include everything from wedding writing to SEO optimized articles for storm damage in Florida. I have written about vehicle services, about politics, about CBD and all sorts of other health supplements. I have done work for bodybuilding sites, for dog and cat insurers, for travel sites, and for a whole world of other things that make me eternally boring in conversation. Did you know the average person uses 100 toilet rolls a year? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.
1000 words is a drop in the pond for me. I write obsessively. I can have a well-researched piece completed without errors and back to you within 3 days. I can complete it in one day if you tell me you need it ASAP – but that will incur additional cost (see bottom of the page). I will include links unless otherwise instructed. I will also make sure to include any keywords you give me in my prior research so that I can align your topic with search trends. I am able to include local SEO optimisation if you inform me of the areas you would like to rank highly in.
I'm actually very humble in person, I promise.

Other skills include years in the catering industry, TEFL training, an Hons degree in Performing Arts with a specialty in script writing, and an adventurous spirit. I like to learn. I also write full time now so if I am not online then I am not far from the laptop. I do take a Sunday off but it is only because the family were getting worried.

Contact me! I hope we can produce some great content together and help drive traffic to your site! If you would like wordage out-with what my offers state then message me anyway. I charge different rates for blogs and highly technical business articles; so do see my other offers to make sure you are selecting the correct type of writing.

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  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Details of your business, any competitor sites you like, and your businesses location. Other helpful information (the more the better) includes a list of your services, an overview of what inspired you to start the company, and any pieces of writing you have seen that you like. This will give me an idea of tone and style. The more information I have, the more likely I am to get it right the first time, so fire away!