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What you get with this Hourlie

In a bid to grow my agency , client base and monthly income. I have invested in some advanced tools and resources to provide targeted warmth leads for my website design and development service business.

My process is unique to generate qualified leads into my business. As a developer and experienced digital marketer, I know the quality or targeted leads and the lifetime of every clients onboard into my business.

This is not just one of the everyday web scraping without a proper system in place to qualify leads.


Here is the type of leads you will get and how it works

Reverse Engineered Leads:

We reverse engineer the contact information of people posting projects in market places looking for professionals like you.
For these leads you need to act fast and contact people privately

What you get in the lead is

Face Profile

The goal is to approach them in a personal manner. I will send you some examples of strategies i have taken.

These leads are important you act FAST…. because the lead is in fact WARMISH

The Hacked Site

These leads are good but you need to be patient and approach the lead slowly and with a smart approach.
The leads you get are from hacked sites. The home pages look 100% perfect but the sites are hacked with Pharma links.
We will provide you explanation and give you a list of hacked sites to contact.

These leads are slow leads, it means you don't need to contact them ASAP…. because in many cases those sites have been hacked for a while…

The scraped and clean leads

The process is this:
we find sites in your niche and we send them to you with enough data for you to customise a good kick ass cold email
These leads are not just scrapped… they are in fact 2 times cleaned

We find the name of the person in charge. (you get the name of the decision maker or we don't put the lead as a valid lead) … all this is done manually
We test that none of the emails bounce.

This can feed your cold email strategy and save you heaps of time

So there you go, 3 type of leads, improving your chances of getting and closing clients.

What the Seller needs to start the work

This is specific for website designer and developer