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What you get with this Offer

Why should you let me rewrite articles for you?
Because your PBN can't be publishing duplicate content anymore.
That means you can't buy 1 good article and use it for multiple sites.
And I know how to solve that problem! With well-rewritten content.
Search Engines have changed, you need unique articles.
They now de-index sites that have pages that were first seen on other websites.
But when I rewrite every text for you, you will pass Googles tests!

✅ Lowers PBN costs but makes it better
✅ Generate PBN sites from older PBN site
✅ Create more articles from 1 purchased article
✅ Secures your PBN
✅ Google Update Safe
✅ Optimized for long tail keywords
✅ PBN site ranks better -> money site ranks better

How will I rewrite the articles?
I will rewrite your content with the help of a tool.
It will help me to find synonyms for your content.
I will change something in almost every sentence!
Your text/s will be unique and should pass
automated plagiarism checks!
The text's structure will stay the same,
only some words and phrases will be replaced.

How do you improve bad articles?
I will replace repeating words with variations, that generates more long tail keywords.
What do I have to do afterward?
You'll have to read over your texts again and check if I messed up some names or spelling.
What if I have more / longer articles?
You can just order multiple quantities and talk with me, but you should expect it to take longer than 1 day then.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Provide the Old article that you need to ReWrite in a Ms Word / Note pad format.