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What you get with this Offer

Whether it is a short film, a video clip, a vlog (video blog), or a long length video, I will edit it for you.
The price is adjustable as it depends heavily on the intensity of the edit and the final length.

A more thorough example of pricing:

1. For simple cuts, trimming or splicing clips together (2-4 clips) - €10
2. Stylised videos of approximate time of raw footage (1-5 min.) - €25
3. Vlog videos of approximate time of raw footage: (1-10 min.) - €35

The above deals include some additional assets (music, text, overlay images etc). For more specialized assets the price may increase (AFTER affirmative communication with the client).

If you prefer a more concrete package deal for your short video here are some examples:

1. For a complete short video edited with or without guidance from the client (raw footage: 10-20min. / end result video length variable) - €40-€60
2. For a complete short to medium length with or without guidance from the client (raw footage: 20-40min. / end result video length variable) - €60-€100

For all of the above I also provide 2 revisions for your video (without drastic changes). After that I will be asking for additional deposit, amount dependent on level of revision.

For longer versions, different styles or for any other video that isn't listed above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will deliver an finely polished end result using my past experience as a film editor and video art editor. I like to take in my personal interest each and every video I create and produce a high quality video. I will submit unfinished video unless asked so.
I work with various video resolutions (up to 4k footage AND end result) and all video formats.
The programs of my choice are Blackmagic Davicni Resovle and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.
Please check out some examples of video editing work and video stills in my portfolio, or contact me for more samples.
Some of the services I provide:
-Basic Cutting
-Adding Music and SFX
-Sound Mixing
-Green/Blue screen removal and Adding Background
-Color Correction and Color Grading
-Adding Text or Subtitles
-Simple VFX (Picture-in-Picture overlays/Photo imposition)

I would gladly talk with you regarding changes in pricing or about varying video styles.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

The files to be sent via an online platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.)
A brief description of the work required.
Anything else can be discussed in detail with a private chat.