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What you get with this Hourlie

If you are an Entrepreneur that wants to start a business or an existing company that want to expand, you need to research the potential market. It will help you identify who are your competitors, who are your clients and how attractive is the business (market). Also, it will identify problems before they happen and it might save your company.

A paragraph about me:
Formally, I have Bachelor in Economics, MSc on Entrepreneurship and ExMBA on Management. I have 2 start-ups (a Marketing agency and Business Consulting company) and helped 50+ Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to get their business up and running. I have a team of 30+ business analysts - all in-house, full-time employees.

Our typical research covers 3 main aspects of your business idea (see hourly images):

1. Market Section - This section should answer the question "Who are the clients?" Giving information on who is buying on regular basis, what type of products they are buying, for what purpose. It can cover few high-level data on the customer, up to in-depth client analysis, offering different segmentation options, either by gender, location, preferences, etc. Bottom line is that you should understand the market.

2. Industry/Competition - This section should answer the question "How big is the opportunity?" The industry analysis can be Porter's five forces and other practical methodologies that we've learned over time. In addition, it can be a simple identification to all competition, to filling a pre-defined template for each competitor. The industry data should show whether the industry is growing or shrinking, whether there is a place for new entrants, or it is overpopulated. The industry can also be analyzed in a timeline fashion in order to anticipate future trends. Also, we can look at substitutes - products that are not direct competition, but they are still taking our customer's money, so they are still satisfying the same need. Bottom line is that you should understand what you are getting into.

3. Governmental aspect - This section should answer the "How the government impacts the business?" If the research is for a specific country, it will be simpler. But each country has its own set of laws, procedures, and licenses. This section should help you understand what compulsory steps are needed in order to continue operating.

Having all these 3 points will give you a better understanding, and hopefully, we can identify a gap in the market that your products can satisfy.

What the Seller needs to start the work

Market Research is not something you just write a paragraph and expect a finished Market Research - if someone promises that, then don't expect quality.

In order to start we need 2 things from you:
1. A filled requirement - we have a one-page questionnaire that covers all important questions for a Market Research. We need that filled to the best of your knowledge.
2. A short Skype talk - Before we start, we must have an inquiry meeting (<30min) to clear up all questions, in order to ensure the highest satisfaction.

Once we have the requirement and the meeting, we will dedicate a team of business analysts that will build up the Market Research that you can actually use.