Home office setup when space is tight

5 Top Tips for a Productive Home Office Setup When Space is Tight

A great home office set is essential if you’re working from home either as a freelancer or you need to start your small business on a budget. What happens though, when you have an amazing idea for your next venture but home office space (and budget) is tight?

Here are our five top tips for creating a super productive home office setup even in the smallest of spaces. 

1. Home office productivity and lots of light go hand-in-hand

Even in the tightest of spaces, light is your friend.

Working in a small space is one thing, but working in a dark and cramped small space is something else entirely — hello, cabin fever! Choose an area that has plenty of light: preferably near a window or a glass door. And, if this simply isn’t possible then grab yourself a good lamp or two with daylight bulbs to help beat tiredness and take the strain off your eyes.   

2. A great home office setup means tidy cables 

There is nothing more destructive to a small creative space than oodles of messy and unsightly cables cluttering up the place. To improve the look and feel of your small yet productive home office setup, move those cables out of sight (and out of your way!)

String them behind your desk, use cable tidies to bind them together, or cleverly tuck them behind backboards. However you do it, hiding your cables will help you feel more at home in your productive home office.

3. Home office setup tip: go tall, not wide

When designing your home office setup, don’t forget that you can arrange your furniture and storage vertically as well as horizontally.

Whether you’re working from your living room, the cupboard under the stairs, or the upstairs landing, you can often create more space by stacking against the full height of your walls. Make use of shelving, arrange drawers and cupboards on top of each other (safely, of course!) instead of side-by-side, and invest in vertical storage.

When you have more space, your productivity soars!

4. Interior design trends say to ditch the bulky furniture

Sofas, cavernous wooden desks and massive bookcases are not your friends when it comes to creating a productive home office in a small space.

Opt for a narrower desk in a light colour, a smaller but comfortable and supportive office chair, shelving rather than bookcases, and ditch anything that isn’t of use to you on a daily basis.

5. Divide and conquer your space

When working in a room that already has a daily use, such as a living room or bedroom, the lines will quickly blur between work and everyday life. One of the coolest home office setup ideas is room dividers can help to make your work space seem like exactly that — a work space! Room dividing screens, large plants and panelled shelving all have their uses in dual-purpose rooms.

Of course, working from home is more than just a cosy and practical home office setup. To be truly inspired and productive every day, a healthy work-life balance is also crucial for your success.

Do you have a work from home tip to share with the PeoplePerHour community? We’d love to hear it! Get in touch to share your ideas or leave your comments below.

Libby is a seasoned freelance writer with a background in HR and careers advice. She manages the day-to-day social media and blog content for PeoplePerHour. When she’s not working, you can almost always find her spending as much time as possible with her two rescue dogs.
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