“Make Bright Ideas Happen”: Our brand refresh

You may have noticed that a few things have changed within PeoplePerHour recently. From our homepage, blog, app store to social media, we’ve updated our brand to reflect the amazing and individual talent within our marketplace.

Why the change?

Ultimately, our mission has remained the same. We empower entrepreneurs around the world to turn their bright ideas into reality, helping launch and grow their business from the ground up.

But we’ve come a long way since the company was founded with this mission in 2007. Over the past 14 years, we’ve solved over 1 million problems for businesses and paid out over £135m to freelancers around the world. That’s why our updated brand celebrates the collaboration of bright ideas that happen throughout our marketplace. 

“Make Bright Ideas Happen”

It all starts with an idea. But coming up with an idea is the easy part, realising it, is the real challenge. And let’s be honest, you simply can’t do it all on your own. We believe teamwork does indeed make the dream work. That’s why we’ve dedicated over a decade in building a highly talented and collaborative freelancer community, to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. Because the brightest part of any idea is making it happen. 

Our values

Our eye-catching identity with its dynamic shapes are all representative of our core values: Bold, Inclusive, Ambitious and Human. Whether it’s our bold colours or our stories of the humans behind some of the great work that’s produced on PeoplePerHour, we’ve ensured our updated brand stands out and speaks volumes.

One of the important changes that we’ve made to our homepage is to celebrate and showcase some of the great freelancer work achieved within our marketplace. We’re incredibly proud of the talented freelancer community that we’ve built over the past decade, they’re the heroes we should be praising! Whether it’s an app design for a tech startup or a website built for a small business, bright ideas are brought to life every day on PeoplePerHour and this is now represented from the homepage to our new visual identity. 

Our visual identity

Keeping to the theme of celebrating our freelancer talent, our new visual identity allows us to show off the freelancers and the many facets of our marketplace, as well as some of the incredible work that’s completed on it. The ‘Tetris cubes’ seen throughout our new identity are there to demonstrate the dynamic aspect of our global community, with snapshots of real work and freelancers. 

It also allows us to feature our freelancers and buyers and tell the stories of the people that make our marketplace such an incredible place to work. Because without the collaboration of freelancers and buyers around the world, a bright idea would remain just that – an idea

Check out our latest video where we launch our brand refresh here!