Set Up Complete Google Analytics Tracking in Your Website for Better Sales

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What you get with this Offer

Are you spending a lot of money on your marketing budget and wondering what your ROI really is? Are you putting all your efforts into outreach and brand building and lead acquisition, but having no idea what the incoming visitors do at your website, or why they leave without buying your product/service? It's time you look in to your Web Analytics. You need to do it now, and you need to do it right.

I'll help you implement complete Google Analytics tracking in your website with these features:

1. Sitewide Universal Analytics tracking implementation
2. Create up to 3 different views (apart from the default "All Website Data" view, which shouldn't ideally be touched) matching your business needs.
3. Set up goals and goal funnels
4. Verify and integrate your Webmasters Tools account with your Google Analytics.
5. Link your Adwords with your Google Analytics.
6. Create up to 5 custom reports according to your unique business requirements.
7. Set up custom campaign parameters for your various marketing campaigns, so they're categorized and reported properly within your Google Analytics.

With right tracking, you could get answers to these questions:

Which places on the web are my visitors coming from?
Which locations on the earth are they coming from too? What devices & technology do they use?
Which traffic source is yielding the most number of visits to my website? And which traffic source brings the visits that convert (buy) the most?
Which are the most (or least) engaging pages in my website? Which landing page in my website is leading to more sales?
In which stage of the goal funnel do most of my visitors leave the flow?

You could get answers to these questions and to a whole lot more. Stay informed. Take action now!

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can implement Tags and Event Tracking to track specific interactions at your website.

    Additional 3 working days


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Complete access to your website's Google Analytics account, your clear business goals and specific requirements. Timely and cooperative support of your web development/server management team (as and when necessary - this is crucial for timely and accurate implementation). Please note that meeting each of your requirements depends on the feasibility - of what is possible within Google Analytics. I'll let you know what is not possible once you've given me your specific requirements.

The time duration for completing the hourlie can be subjective to how complex the tracking requirements are. Complex setups such as tracking via iFrames, for example, can require setting up tracking code in third party domains and can take much longer depending on the level of support from all parties involved.