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What you get with this Offer

This is the most in-depth and high quality keyword research available and with this data you can very easily hugely improve your SEO and Adwords campaigns, I will find many more valuable keywords than any other provider.

Please note though that I now can't get exact search volume data, Google now only give that to those with active and spending Adwords accounts. So the data is in ranges, so for example 10-100 or 100-1000, so they are quite vague and so if you want exact data then this is not for you. If however you are happy with the ranges then feel free to order, it's still an excellent way of finding excellent keywords and getting a good idea of what is popular. And there is also the option of allowing me to use your Adwords account (read-only of course and only used in software and so never actually viewed) so that I can get the exact data so if you don't mind doing that then I can certainly do that for you.

What I do is first generate the keywords and I get these from multiple sources and so it is very complete data (much more complete than you would get from the free Google Planner which is what most other providers do). Once I have the keywords I then analyse them fully so that you get the critical data that you need, so for the standard service you get the UK monthly search volume (if you'd like another country then let me know), the SEO difficulty from Moz and the Adwords data (so average price and competition data).

So what you get is a spreadsheet with all of the keywords found along with the information from the analysis and so the monthly search volume, Moz SEO difficulty (a number out of 100 with higher being harder) the Adwords cost and the Adwords competition score.

When ordering this service please provide your seed topics or themes so that I know what I am looking for, the more ideas you can give here as to how you think your customers may search the better and the better results you will get.

I then also offer other extra services which can be very useful indeed (see below for more details on the extras). They include a service which offers deep analysis of up to ten keywords and gives great detail on the top ten ranking sites and so what you need to do to beat them, a service for grouping the keywords so they are easy to use and then services for competitor research like their keywords and links.

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can group the Keywords for you

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can research the Keywords of up to Ten Competitors

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can research the Links of up to Ten Competitors

    Additional 1 working day


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Please provide the topics that you would like researching and your web site, the more distinct topics and seed keywords that you can provide the more data you will get.

Extra Services

Keyword Grouping - I can group the keywords into tightly related groups (I can do your chosen keywords or all keywords). This will greatly improve the performance of SEO and Adwords advertising and make the keywords much easier to use and much more effective.

Moz SEO Difficulty - If you want to get a good idea of how difficult a keyword is to rank then I can provide the Moz SEO difficulty scores for all keywords that have some search volume.

Deep Keyword Analysis - With this you would have to choose up to ten keywords which I would then provide deep analysis for and so detailed information on the top ten ranking sites and a more accurate difficulty scoring.

Competitor Research - I can provide very useful competitor research (up to 10) which includes the keywords that your competition are ranking for and getting traffic from and also the keywords that they are bidding on in Adwords.

Competitor Back Link Research – I can provide all of the links that each competitor has (up to 10), ordered with the best first which makes building the best links easy.