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What you get with this Hourlie

"He didn't buy anything."

How many times is this little distasteful draining disaster played out in your business?

The value of your time is high + there are your overheads still going on. -- + real cash is involved when a prospect leaves your business without buying….

How can you turn a deflating disaster into a triumph?

Dang it there must be some sort of killer successful solution somewhere in this wide, wide universe. >>>>

Is there a bing bang boom magic bullet? It boils down to this. But before you know what this is did you ever see the musical “The Music Man”?

The enthusiasm of the lead character would surely blow your socks off. Anyway…

Imagine a Salesman with that red hot enthusiasm he would be almost irresistible, wouldn’t he?

Sure he would. But that’s just the tip of the pale blue crunching iceberg…

Well what is honest to goodness copywriting but pure Salesmanship In Print.

PRINT is what you’re reading now + it’s got you so weird + wonderfully hooked. +….

Do you know what I mean?

Well it’s Salesmanship in Print + resistance is utterly unequivocally useless + this POWER is what is built so sneakily subtly into a sales letter or email. Also…

It gets you all red hot under the white or true blue collar and ready to go. Let’s go. Boom zoom me to the moon.
Your aim is to get a REPLY to your email/letter.

Just imagine how good that would feel. + think a Porsche, a Bermuda holiday + being a millionaire even.
My aim is to create the copy to get you the reply. So the prospect thinks…

Where do you click or where do you sign or how do you get started with this exciting thing?

About emails: some say short -- 5 sentences maximum -- are better others say long emails work. So…

You can get both types here. It does not matter; what matters is you; what YOU want; what do you want? Letter or email?

Short or long up to about 500 words? I can deliver; just keep reading; you get 2 revisions if necessary + before you go any farther>>>

“Excellent work. Worked quickly and communicated on progress. Recommended. Thanks for your work James.” –Nina O

>>>See what I mean? To get a POWERFUL red sizzling letter hire me now.

Click the button to get your reply making copy + let’s go. Yay.

What the Seller needs to start the work

From the buyer I need the following information:

1. The nature of the goods/service
2. Benefits & features
3. What does the Buyer want the reader to do?
4. Are there any guarantees or testimonials?