Create and set up your SSH keys for secure remote access.

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What you get with this Offer

SSH is a secure method of accessing your remote server. SSH keys provide an even more secure access method by letting you login without using your password! Utilisation of SSH keys is the recommended way of using SSH for remote access.

This hourlie includes:

* A brief explanation of how keys work and why they are more secure than classic password logins.
* Help with the installation of a SSH client on your computer if necessary.
* Creation of the private and public keys with the maximum key/bit size.
* Upload of the public key on your remote server.
* Testing the SSH key connection.
* Instructions on how to connect to your server using the keys.
* Instructions on how to add new keys and delete the unwanted ones.
* Tips on how to further improve SSH security.

This hourlie is valid for all Linux, Mac and Windows clients. Most Linux and Mac systems come with a built in SSH client, however if you don't have one i can help you install the necessary packages. In case you use Windows you will need to have ready a SSH client for Windows. I can help you download and set it up if necessary.

If you wish you can perform the actions yourself instead of me. I will tell you where to click and what to type and explain to you what every command does. This way you will learn hands-on to create and manage keys on your own in the future! I will provide you with a list of all the commands we will use.

I am available to communicate through PPH, Skype or email.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

A remote server with a SSH service running.