How Freelance Video Editors can help grow your brand

Advances in smartphone technology and editing apps combined with the explosion of video-first social media platforms like TikTok have made video content essential to boosting your brand and growing your business online.

In fact, research by Cisco estimates that video traffic will drive 82% of all internet traffic this year alone (2022). While it’s easy enough to shoot some footage on your phone and upload it to your social media accounts, making sure your video content stands out from the noise requires help from a professional video editor.

Getting a professional video editor to make your videos more engaging will help more people view your video and more importantly, help people stay engaged enough to watch it from start to finish. This viewing behaviour is what turns a good video into a successful one. For organic video content that will be promoted through organic social media posts, the more people who watch your video to the end, (or even better, who watch it multiple times) the more your video will be served to wider audiences and more likely your brand will be remembered.

Since engagement is really important for the impact and success of your brand videos, we’ve picked out the top 5 ways that a good video editor can help get more people to watch your video content:

  1. Creating powerful hooks
    A successful video is able to capture the audience’s interest immediately and this is where your hook comes in. A hook is a question, statement or attention-grabbing shot that grabs your audience’s attention from the beginning and sets the tone for the rest of the content and what the audience can expect next. The most effective hooks use text graphics, animation, and other video enhancements which is where you can really use the help of a professional video editor. A video editor will be able to edit your content so that the first few seconds are as effective as possible, creating the hook that will get your audience to view more of your video and be invested till the very end.
  2. Help with the structure and flow
    After you’ve successfully hooked your audience, you then need to keep their attention. Professional video editors can provide structure and flow to your video content that makes the video more engaging and can help push the audience past that general 50% drop-off point. As we mentioned earlier, the more the video is watched, the more effective it is for your brand and business.
  3. Create effective CTAs
    After successfully ‘hooking’ your audience and getting them to watch your video all the way through, the next step is to get them to do something as a result of watching it. This is called a ‘call-to-action’. To successfully promote this, you can use a freelance video editor to create an engaging and on-brand call-to-action in the video, like including an interactive text or image graphic that makes the user click on the action. This is far more likely to lead to conversions and get your audience following, exploring, or buying as a result of watching your video!
  4. Suitable for a variety of platforms
    Unfortunately gone are the days when there was just one video format to upload. Today, you’ll need to consider creating video content that suits a variety of platforms in size, frame orientation, and resolution, which we’re afraid can be a very time-consuming process if you don’t have the right video editing software. A video editor will not only be able to format your videos to suit the channels you are uploading them to, but they will also be able to advise you on creative considerations from the start of production, saving you a lot of hassle and time at the post-production phase.
  5. Building a video asset library
    Because the demand for video content is constantly increasing from platform to platform and audience to audience, think about how you can use existing footage and video content to repurpose it more than once. Just because you created something three years ago, doesn’t mean that that video content can’t still be of value to you and your brand. If it’s just a case of updating the logo intro and outro, a video editor or freelance animator could do this effortlessly for you. And when it comes to investing in the next video content, ask your video editor if they can break down the video into small chunks of footage that you can use across social media channels with multiple messages.

Employing a full-time video editor may be either unnecessary due to the amount of work needed or out of budget and so finding a freelancer is the perfect way of getting the video content quality you need.

Take a look at our top freelance video editors on PeoplePerHour where you’ll have access to their portfolios and past client reviews which means you won’t have to pay for recruitment advertising or go through lengthy interview processes. Simply find a freelancer that matches your needs and send them a message to get started today.