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We need a programmer to help us develop our training software for bookkeeping. It has to be Windows based, and users should be able to deploy it by CD or download from a web page and install on their PC. We have already started this project in Visual C# (Visual Studio) so would prefer to continue in this language but open to suggestions.

Project Requirements Summary
1 cost
1b separation
2 sage experience
3 guarantee
4. Telephone
5 payments
6 incomplete labels
7 help file
8 databases
9 access control
10 exercises and answers
11 anti cd copy
12 eshop
13 future charges
14 which platform or language
15 farpoint spread
16 different mediums
17 tooltips
18 readout loud
19 updating us
20 charts of accounts
21 negatives and color
22 error correction
23 bank reconciliation
24 control accounts
25 business name all reports
26 financial year
27 opening balances
28 closing to opening balances
29 students communication
30 accounts cross referencing
31 backup and restore
32 transactions searching
33 warning expiry
34 Vat reconciliation
35 dishonoured cheques
36 monitoring enrolled students
37 To institutions
38 Documents display
39 Account Names
40 Depreciation automated
41 accruals and prepayments

I am not sure how the display of info from bidders works, you may not want other bidders to see your information

The software is similar but different from sage, the difference is its for learners, simpler, and has much fewer reports. There are two main components, the software itself, and the online delivery to learners.

When bidding please provided answers to the following ;

1. Comment on the sufficiency of our budget and tell us how much you would want to be paid. You should answer this after going through all project requirements

1b after going through the project requirements, please advise whether the two components should be separated or we should leave it as one project.

2. Have you done something similar to sage? can you prove by providing us with a product to evaluate. This may imply, you will just make modifications and probably take less time

3. You provide a guarantee period for support in case of problems with the software, please state

4. Will you allow telephone contact for brief periods at times of your convenience, during project development and the guarantee period, please state

5. Payment is after tasted stages of completion, you can split the project and suggest the stages at which we should pay. What percentage of the total amount is paid after expiry of the guarantee period

6. We still have about 30 days in which to complete the guiding labels. Can you start on the databases now , or you want to start after we complete the labels

7. Although we have designed the layout, we expect you to advise on some changes. That means the help file will be compiled after you have finalized the layout and functionality. We need one that is easy to search through, can you state how you plan to do it.

8. Which database will you use and why, (one that doesn't need maintenance)

9. We are designing this for learners. We shall provide each with data for between 10 and 15 companies for practice purposes. They will access using cd and some on line. Some will be sent an installation link while others access it from our website. We need to control access to knowledge which is availed on the recording forms ( tooltips ) plus the training exercise, plus the duration which could be 3 , 6, 9, or 12 months . How do we achieve this?

10. They will have data for 10 to 15 businesses to practice with. we shall provide the expected set of results for them to print or view, and compare their results. How do you plan to achieve this

11 can you advise on anti cd / dvd copy measures or general unauthorized use that we can employ.

12 We have an eshop with 1 to 1 How appropriate will it be for this purpose.
We are contemplating changing to the amazon webstore, The reason is, we think it has a better search optimization facility, please advise. Do you think we need a specially designed software, or we can manage with the ones which are predesigned.

13. What percentage of the current bid will you charge in case of future modifications, for example we presently have the soletrader and partnerships chart of accounts ready, we shall need to incorporate a chart for limited companies later

14. we have done some of the front end using c#2008 This will be emailed), can you continue with that, or which platform will you prefer

15. There is a spread for windows forms- farpoint spread ( like excel)
will you use it, or what alternative do you have

16. You provide the project in three forms, 1. with source code, for us to modify in future, 2. One that can be distributed on cd 3. One that can be deployed from a website or an a link for installation

17. Central to our guidance are the tooltips. Some of them are half a page long. So we think they should respond and stay open until the mouse is moved, to give them enough time to read. Can you do this

18 There is an option of displaying the information and having it read out. C# mentions are read out lout facility but I don%u2019t know how it works. Rapid revolution software can convert text to speech, what is your comment about this.

19. How will you update us of the progress during development and at what stages or frequency?

20. You will create two charts of accounts, one for a soletrader and another for a partnership (5 partners ). There may be a provision for a limited companies later

21. Can You program debit entries to be in blue, and credit entries in red , all negative figures to be in brackets

22 explain the error correction procedure you are going to set up

23. How will the bank reconciliation procedure you set up operate

24 how will your debtors and creditors control accounts operate

25 We shall have the business name at the top of each of the reports, with date and time, page numbers , and all reports in a4 paper size

26 Learners should set the financial year , and warnings should be given if the date is outside the set financial year, in sage you are eventually allowed to record

27. Before the software allows the recording of transactions, they have to record opening balances

28 how will you convert closing balances for a previous year, into opening balances for a new year

29 How shall we be able to Communicate with students online. Can we have something like a pmb

30 the working papers or accounts preparation schedules, we manually cross reference them. Can you program that ? against each of the figures on the balance sheet, there is a cross reference number showing the report where its details can be found. For example the details for cash figure will always be on report G1, and that is the cash monthly summary. The detail for report G1 will always come from G3. This reference number could be in a grey box. Can we give the student an opportunity to change it

31 how will your backup facility work? What about restoration

32 how will your search for transactions facility work,

33 can you automate a warning to come up when the period is about to expire , and after it has expired

34 a) Vat reconciliation is a mark that prevents a figure from appearing in future vat reports. Its available in sage, how will yours work?

b) Can you insert a reminder after printing the vat report, to initiate the vat transfer wizard?

c) Sage gives an option of whether to include unreconciled transactions for previous periods or not. Can you do this?

35 when recording dishonoured cheques, can we Identify the cheque to reverse, the way its done in sage

36 Please advise on how we shall be able to monitor the enrolled students. How many they are, when they started and when to end, their progress, etc

37 Can we provide this to institutions at discounted rates, how do we monitor the number of students with them

38 The source of information for practice exercises will be typed out invoices ( between 50 and 100 per exercise) and bank statements. They could be in form of images but my worry is the memory they take up.
We could have a mini screen on the right where the documents are displayed and scroll for ease of entry. They could also have an option of printing out these documents before recording. How do you hope to achieve this?

39 For about 95 of the accounts, learners should not change their names. For a few of them like bank accounts, credit cards, and loans, they need to record the actual name of the account. They will name the individual debtor and creditor accounts, just like sage
How do you hope to achieve this?

40 The year end has procedures like depreciation, can it be automated. What about the transfer of balances from income and expense accounts?

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