Write a demand letter to legally claim and demand your money

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What you get with this Hourlie

Experience: We owe money to different people or have claims, but there are several instances where we don't get our money back or our claims met. Over the years, I have handled several such cases both in India and abroad. Usually the other party tries to come to a settlement after receiving the legal notice and if they don't the demand letter serves as a big piece of evidence in Court.

When to purchase this Hourlie: You should consider purchasing this Hourlie in the following cases:
If somebody owes you money (for loans,credit sales, etc.) and he or she is not returning you the money or is irresponsive;
If you are insured and the insurance company is not ready to meet your claims;
If somebody has harmed your business or caused losses to your property or person and is not ready to compensate your losses;
If somebody has infringed your intellectual property and you want to claim damages;
A Demand letter can be used in several other occasions similar to the ones mentioned above.

Deliverable:You will have one demand letter as per the applicable laws of your jurisdiction and based on your facts by purchasing this Hourlie.

Diclaimer: Though all possible measures are undertaken and the Demand Letter is double checked to ensure flawlessness, the document might not be totally free from mistakes made inadvertently. You agree to hold the freelancer harmless for any and all such mistakes by purchasing this Hourlie.

What the Seller needs to start the work

I need complete facts about the claim you have, how you justify the claim, any additional compensation you want to claim other than the original money, contact information of the recipients and of course I want you to stay in touch just in case I have any questions.