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What you get with this Offer

Would you like your business to be different, better and successful?

What you need is delivering contents and information that matters, featuring a top quality that reflects and supports your outstanding business. Contents that can make you trustworthy (an authority and expert), and your product/service appealing and superior.

How can you do that?

With articles, blog posts, stories, web copies, descriptions and presentations optimized for both the readers (they can read and understand the message better), and the search engines such as Google (SEO writing to make your text, offer, company, product, and service, more visible to your clients, potential customers, and audience)

What are the advantages for you?

⌕ Accuracy 100%
❀ Creativity 100%
ლ Originality 100%

⌨ Time & working flexibility 100%
⌚ Just in time 100%
✰✰✰✰✰ 18+ years of experience 100%

♂ Problem-solving 100%
✌ Results-driven approach 100%
% Market-oriented copies 100%

What will you get?

A way to attract more clients and grow your business with a "Pay-1-Get-10" service. With one single fee you will get the following 10 features:

1) 500 words copy in the Italian language to grant an exhaustive content and express properly what you want to communicate;
2) Web research: good data professionally collected, analyzed and organized in order to create high-quality contents;
3) Original contents: no copy-paste and plagiarism;
4) Best Keywords search: to reach the right target properly;
5) Image search and optimization following the copyright best practices: to make your copy more attractive, appealing, memorable, viral, shareable...and respectable of the law;
6) SEO-optimized writing: to appear in the first pages of Google;
7) Proofreading: to obtain a copy without errors, hence well rewarded by the search engines;
8) Benchmarking of the competitors' copy, style, and points of strength: to ensure you are better than the others and positively different;
9) Questionnaire/Form to fill in order to perfectly understand your needs, and effectively reach your goals;
10) Fast delivery: to receive the completed work within 24-48 hours.

Grow your business success by taking your contents to the next level: order now and try me!

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can re-word the same copy to have a second version

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can write 5000 additional words

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can 10,000 additional words

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can 20,000 additional words

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Would you please provide me with the guidelines in one or more of the following format:

I will send you the finished work in one or more of the file formats above mentioned and share any documents.

**Topics/Industries I don't work on/for:
Profanity, Violence, Porn/Sex/Erotism, Esotericism/Occult, Discrimination, and everything in between.