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What you get with this Offer

Businesses makes their decisions based on data and trends. With scraping systems, it's very easy to scrape data from a directories, websites, or e-commerce platforms for business or financial analysis, market or product research, and any other crucial business decisions.

Data is widely available on the web. However, extracting these data quickly and accurately can either be challenging or expensive, or both. Here's where I can help. I am a professional web scraper with 3+ years of experience working with web scraping, data manipulation and text parsing. I uses lots of different web scraping tools and techniques that simulate human copy paste process and data extraction from websites, quickly, accurately, and at an incredibly AFFORDABLE price!

Here's what I'll do for this offer:

✔ Extract data from unique URLs. For example, these could be product pages or links to product categories or subcategories. This hourly includes maximum 1000 data records and for a single domain only.
✔ No limit on data points per URL
✔ Output format will be MS Excel or Google Sheet with data parsed and formatted (for example, if you want first and last names separated, street/city/region/zip code separated, etc.)
✔ Turn around time is within 24 hours depending on the volume of data and complexity of the website or data source.

The data we can collect on each URL can be anything visible on the page (or its source code) such as metadata, product titles and descriptions, prices, number or orders, product images, tabulated information. Please note that some websites utilizes pervasive and sophisticated anti-scraping systems which hides, obfuscates, or scrambles data, or triggers frequent captchas/verification. In cases like these, it can sometimes be difficult if not impossible to extract the data. IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASING THIS OFFER.

Here are some of the web sources that I can help scrape data from:
✔ Online business directories and business listings
✔ Online classifieds/Yellow Pages
✔ Job listing sites/portals
✔ Property listing sites
✔ Static websites (and selective dynamic websites)
✔ E-commerce platforms
✔ And many more!

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

1. An assumption that the website/web source to scrape data from doesn't have pervasive and sophisticated anti-scraping system. Otherwise, please contact me first for a quick consultation so we can ascertain that the project is doable and agree on rate and time-table.
2. Project Brief: Target URLs and data points (fields/elements you want extracted, text parsing and formatting requirements, etc.)
3. Website login credentials, if necessary
4. Output format
5. Other instructions as needed

Sometimes I can add further value by understanding the use of the final data - this context helps me to suggest other possible data sources or options. Contact me before placing an orders so I can send you sample scraped data and agree on the rate.

If you're unsure about the source of the data you need or if its spread across a large number of domains, please contact me to discuss.

If your project involves bulk URLs and various domains, then please contact me for a custom quote.