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What you get with this Offer

Video Review:

- 45min Video (planned, recorded, edited, compressed & uploaded to your email)

Overview of Service:
A video review into the design of your website from an expert. This service will analyse the current state of your website from the point of view of a user. What is hard to understand? What could be done better? How can the website perform better? It will give you plenty of design and content ideas that will have a huge positive impact on the performance of your website.

Template Questions covered (specify own if required):
- Look at the website for 5 seconds & look away. First impressions?
- What do you remember? What are your eyes drawn to? What is the service on offer?
- What do you want to do next
- Search for a product and add to basket
- Go all the way through checkout, stopping before purchase
- What do you think the purpose of this site is?
- Who do you think the intended audience is?
- Could you find what you were looking for?
- Was it easy to get to the home page from within the site?
- Was there something missing you were expecting?
- Could you tell what the page was about?
- Was anything obtrusive?
- Was anything too well hidden?
- Problems with the color scheme?
- Easy to read (font style & size)?
- How did you find the layout?
- How intuitive & helpful is the navigation?
- Did you notice (advertising, newsletter signup, video, search box etc)
- What would encourage you to return?
- 3 favourite & least favourite things
- What 1 thing would you change (major/minor)

About Me:
I am Samuel, a freelance Website Analyst, specialising in Usability and Conversion rate optimisation. Usability is concerned with how easy a product is to use for the end user. Conversion Rate Optimisation is concerned with turning more visitors into paying customers. I consult regularly for several web developers and digital marketing agencies in the UK and worldwide. I pride myself on extremely high quality work.

For longer full conversion audits and functionality testing please see my other hourlies

Tags: UX, Usability, Usertesting, Testing, Sales, ecommerce, conversion rate optimisation, improve my website, usability testing

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