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What you get with this Offer

We can translate any submission from english to spanish up to 1000 words in 3 days We are both natives of the united states and Mexico. For this reason you can be sure we will ensure that content is understandable, relatable, and culturally relevant to the audience—often creatively adapting concepts, phrases, and tone.

We offer translation for the following

Academic papers including mla and apa format
Business Articles for your blog or your business
Website translations, including all website copy, navigation, website collateral (downloads, videos, images, etc.) plus SEO optimization
Marketing materials
Literary translation of books and articles
Software localization, which involves translating the user interface, error messages, and system messages.
Technical translations of API documentation, online help, instruction and training materials for industries like engineering, science or manufacturing.
Medical translations of clinical trial results, research documents and publications, customer-facing content like insurance claims, packaging, and labels.
Legal and financial translations
Creating a translation glossary for your company. Assembling a list of common terms and phrases used in your content that are specific to your brand or industry can save time and money, and ensure more consistency for future translation projects.
Translation memory (TM) database creation. Similar to a glossary, a TM database stores previously translated content. The more you add to it, the easier future translation becomes.
SEO and keyword help associated with a website translation project

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can do audio and video translations

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can deliver all work in 2 working days

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

What are you translating? Be specific about the content you are translating, whether it’s software l your website, technical instructions or training manuals, video, or marketing materials.
Are there any graphics related to your content that needs translation?

Define your audience. Who is your content targeting? Is it a particular region or country? What is the age range of the audience? Are they subject matter experts, or a more general audience? Are they local or international?
Explain the tone and voice. This will depend largely on your subject matter and the audience. For example, content that is legal, medical, or highly technical will require a more formal tone. Marketing content can take on a less formal tone and active voice, with room for more colloquial phraseology.
Do you have a glossary or style guide?
If you’re localizing software, is testing required?
How will the content be published and distributed? Describe the finished product, including how it will be delivered to the audience—video, PDF, ebook, etc.
Do you require proofreading?