Test your statistical hypotheses using the General Linear Model

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What you get with this Hourlie

To make clear statements about differences between groups based on data measures requires formal tests of the significance of the differences. This is the realm of hypothesis testing. The core base for statistical hypothesis testing is the Generalized Linear model, of which Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a special case.
If you have a data set in which you need to test for the differences between one or more groups, then this hourly is for you! Whether you are trying to determine if one business strategy is superior to another, or which of a range of experimental treatments is statistically different to the others – I can analyze and explain the answers to you.
The answer may be as simple as a t-test between two means, or if the problem is more complicated I can deal with:
- Factorial models
- Mixed Effects models
- Categorical and continuous predictor variables (Analysis of Covariance)
- Generalized mixed models
- Overdispersed models (more zeroes than expected)
Plus a range of other approaches with increasing complexity.
In addition to hypothesis testing, I will provide estimates of the effects, and tests of difference between means if required.
For this hourly I will provide:
- A narrative of the methods, analysis and results. What approach I took/recommend, and Why I recommend it
- Results tables, and a description of the take-home messages
- Graphs of diagnostics to test analysis assumptions, and graphs of key results
- R code for all analyses, and data files of key summary statistics (means, standard errors) for you to graph if you wish
Typical delivery time will be 3 days after receiving data in a readable format
I can provide final publication/report quality write-up and graphs as an extra.
Please contact me before purchasing this hourly, so that I can ensure I can provide the service you need. If you wish to proceed, send me a sample of the data so I can make sure I can read it into R before starting. No charge….

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  • I can provide final publication/report quality write-up and graphs

    Additional 3 working days


What the Seller needs to start the work

Buyer will send:
- A description of the questions/hypotheses, overview of the data variables and some indication of how they were collected. The more information, the better.
- The data in CSV format. I will need to ensure it is in a format I can import into R

I will ask for clarification if required, send the initial product. and allow a couple of rounds of discussion and amendment to make sure you receive what you wanted.