Create 100 Engaging Emotional Social Media Posts IT/EN - 10% OFF

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What you get with this Offer

Improve your brand identity with a professional online presence that attracts your readers, fans, followers, clients, and business partners.

Let them feel important and part of the group. Give them quick yet engaging and emotional information that converts to reach your objectives.

How can you do that?
You must manage your social media presence perfectly (on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Viadeo, etc.) by creating tailored market-oriented and objective-oriented social media captions.

Get help from a marketing and communication professional with a creative and artistic background in music and graphic design.


a) They emphasize the advantages for your audience;
b) They transmit your company values and tone of voice;
c) They include a succinct sharp description of your project/product/service;
d) They will lead to action (based on your goals and guidelines).

Now you can entertain, keep and grow your target/audience and, at the same time, improve your online communication and reputation thanks to a no surprises service at a foreseeable price.

I can create 100 tailored social media posts in Italian and/or English (or in a combination of the two languages) made of 160 characters each.

A Pay-1-Get-10 Package for your online social marketing.

1) Topics analysis (projects/images/contents to communicate)
2) Competitors analysis
3) 100 social media posts copywriting in Italian and/or English you can use over one month or more.
4) CTAs writing (a Call-To-Action for each post)
5) SEO writing using a keyword you provide or that I can search and analyse
6) Best #Hashtags for every post
7) Proofreading
8) Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied and approve the copy
9) Research of one meaningful image to include in each post respecting the copyright best practices (a free professional image you can use for commercial purposes)
10) Inclusion of one outbound link.

Improve your online presence and reputation quickly in the Italian, English, or international market.

Get your 100 social media posts package now with a 10% discount (available until 31st October).

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can write a 500 words related blog post or article

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

*Would you please provide me with your guidelines and topics along with your target profile, objectives and social media you are going to use.

*I will write in Italian, British English or American English, based on your requests.

*I will keep your information private and will never give and sell any data to third parties.

*I will send the completed work, in a file format of your choice (DOCX, PDF, TXT, ODT), through your preferred mean of communication (PPH message board, email, DropBox, Google Drive/Docs or similar, online workplace platforms).

*You can use the posts any time over one month or more or even in a shorter period. You can order more packages in case you need more than 100 social media posts in one month.