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What you get with this Offer

Hi, I will provide you a good service and am a UK based level 5 seller...

Price Reduced Xmas 2017 ** Buy Today **

Im offering you the cheapest real installs you will find online. 5000 installs will get your app naturally ranked higher in search results and really increase the exposure of your app to the Android market.

Is your new app needing a bit of attention?

Is it catching dust at the bottom of the search results or just needs a big boost to get it noticed for the great app it is?

Then buying this hourly will get your app ranked higher up on the App Store search results, giving you more organic free app installs!

This service is for Android app developers or publishers. The app store is very very competitive especially the games market and publishers that do not market or promote their apps stand little chance. The more installs you have the more pulling power you app will have. Lets see... if you had to choose between two apps where one had 50 installs and the other 1050, which would you download? The one with more installs right!

We will deliver the full 5000 or 10000 (by buying the Extras) installs within 5 days.

We only guarantee volume of installs for your app. Each real non-bot user that installs your app might also open your app after install. After that they can keep / delete your app depending on whether they like it.

This is a high quality guaranteed service that is policy compliant and will not get your app banned. It is cheap only because of bulk discount.

You can also be assured (unlike cheaper services) that your installs count will not drop or be invalidated.

This is Worldwide installs if you want GEO targetting please contact me first.
For app open gaurantee extra the open rate will be anything from 50 to 80% of the total volume ordered.

1 - Give you a total of 10000 installs either over 5 days at 2000 installs per day or over 10 days at 1000 installs per day.
2 - Give you Gauranteed app opens for ALL your installs - Looks better when assessing your app for ranking. If you buy the 10K extra please buy the appropriate Extra for 'opens'!
3 - For Keyword Search Installs please provide ONE Keyword or KeyPhrase (Max 3 words) to use. Installs will be sent from searches based on this and is much better for ranking, especially on search results.

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  • I can gaurantee a total of 10000 real app installs

    Additional 5 working days


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

App store direct link.

For Keyword Based Installs Extra Please Give:
Keyword (max 3 words)
The current position/rank of your app for that keyword.