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What you get with this Offer

Wordpress is an amazing CMS for making beautiful, professional and feature-packed websites. But if not optimized properly, it can take a lot of unwanted resources and makes the site sluggish which leads to visitors turning away from the site.
Slow website means less traffic, which means less money and visibility for you. Boost your website speed with this hourly. Also, get it hardened and secured to prevent unauthorized access, hacking and other malicious attempts, which is very common for popular wordpress websites. Securing your website is should be first priority as you wouldnt want to see months of your hard work going down because of a hacking attack on your precious website.

I provide my services to harden, secure and optimize your wordpress website so as to minimize the load times, improve the user experience for your visitors and keep it safe and secure. My process involves many steps including, but not limited to :

-> Optimize PHP code of the template
-> Optimizing, compress and minify CSS and Javascripts files
-> Combine multiple external CSS/JS files to a single file which is easier and faster to load
-> Install and setup caching mechanisms
-> Setting up Database Caching
-> Setting up Browser Cache
-> Setting up Object Cache
-> Optimizing Images
-> Optimizing content HTML code
-> Clean up unnecessary post revisions
-> Turn off Pingbacks
-> Setup CDN (Content Delivery Network) for heavy static sutff
-> Disable Hotlinking/leeching of images and content (to save unnecessary bandwidth overheads)
-> Give a report (before and after) so that you can see the results yourself.

A well optimized site is loved dearly by Google, so it will help your Google search ranking as well.

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can make the website SEO optimized for better Google visibility

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can move the website to a new server if needed

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can provide 2 hours of my time for any wordpress task

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Wordpress Admin login info, Hosting account login info and Domain login info (for setting up CDN).