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What you get with this Hourlie

Imagine a startup way ahead of its time. A startup that promised delivery of groceries within 30 minutes of ordering, from state-of-the-art order fulfillment centers manned by advanced robots. A startup that raised VC funds and even had a blockbuster IPO after which it was valued at $1.2 billion at its peak.

It's 1999. Meet WebVan. Bye, WebVan! Racking up $830 million in losses and filing for bankruptcy within a few more months, WebVan became nothing but a monument of failure.

I would like to help you avoid being the next WebVan! Many businesses are born these days. Yet, many continue to do the same old mistakes that WebVan did back in the day.
Before you start building anything, you need to validate that someone will actually want to buy it.

Back in 2013, i, too, made a mistake. Food ordering platforms were rising in popularity. It seemed like the next big thing, with promise of big margins and endless profits. I swiftly used my savings to hire 3 programmers, and started building the product. Being a developer myself, we started obsessing over technical details. One year went past, and we had an incredible product on hand.

When we started marketing it, we realized that this was going to be a very tough sale. The only feasible way of selling was by convincing the restaurant owner of the benefits of deploying their own ordering system, but big restaurant chains were hard to get to, and medium-sized chains were not used to buying technology, so our proposals fell on deaf ears.
We decided to sell the source code, and close shop in late 2014.

All the time and money invested could have been saved if we had done customer development correctly. Had we sent a couple hundred messages, asking restaurant owners if they are interested in a food ordering software and a mobile app, we would had realized this was hard to sell, and invest our efforts in something else.

That's a done deal for us, but not for you! Let me help mitigate part of the risk that comes with building a startup!

Think about one niche, one small market segment that your would-be-product can serve. What is your customer's profile? With that in mind, write a small introductory message.

I will help you distribute that message to your target market. I guarantee 200+ messages sent! That's a 4k USD value, without the time needed to actually send the messages.

This should be enough for you to see if you have a valuable idea on hand. Best of luck, hero!

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