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What you get with this Hourlie

If you want to use WMA (Weighted Moving Average) indicators to identify the trend, I can give you the MT4 templates which has created based on WMA indicators to find the trend. Then you can use this indicators on the templates to find the trend. You will receive an online support to understand the way to use the templates. You can arrange around 48 or up to 100 hours to get the instructions to use the templates with the indicators to analyse the Forex charts on MT4 platform to find the trend technically according to the WMA trend indicators.

WMA indicators show the most recent fast trend of the charts. So you can use the WMA indicators to check the speed of the movements of the charts. You can check the charts to take a decision about the trend to make buy or sell orders or for any other purpose you wish.

You will receive a set of developed WMA and indicators and templates which you can use with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. WMA separate window MT4 indicators are named as MDW on the photos. You can see the WMA lines at the bottom of the photos shown. And you can see the predictions from another photo with results, which received by using the WMA indicators on the templates to analyse the trend. You can use those templates to predict the movements of the Forex and CFD trading charts.

The indicators are simple, but the templates are advanced enough to show the trend. You can see the templates on each photo which shows the indicators. You will receive 14 templates which has created with WMA (MDW) indicators.

You can check the trend from the WMA (MDW) lines to identify the trend to find the direction of the trend.

Trend indicators were developed from weighted moving averages (WMA) to identify the speed of the trend. You can identify weak, good and strong trends and side way trends. Then you can identify good and strong opportunities to trade.

The indicators are perfectly working for below W1 (weekly) charts and short term W1 trends, but it is not working perfectly with long term W1 trends and MN (monthly) trends.

These indicators and templates were developed using around 7 years of experience of analyzing the charts.

What the Seller needs to start the work

You should have a gmail account and you should be able to use google hangout to call online.