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What you get with this Offer

You want your story to run on major blog sites like the Huffington Post, in a trade specific publication, or in a newspaper like the New York Times. ... but how?

Millions of people are spamming reporters, journalists, and influential bloggers. They spam out their stories because email spam is free and easy. News-wire services spam them as well. So journalists, and influential bloggers, have filters to block these spammed stories.

Blasting your release won’t work.

Most of my releases run on the front page of the publications I target for a few reasons.
1) I hold a degree in Public Relations and know how to pitch to reporters.
2) I know how to get a reporter’s attention.

What you want are publications that readers actually read, with high Google rank. The only way to get on these sites is through the reporters, bloggers and journalists who control them.

You need the right story + pitched to the right journalists + in the right way.

I work with you to develop a story that reporters WANT to write, influential bloggers WANT on their site, and publication WANT to publish.

With the story idea, I write one, or more, releases for your approval.

Next, I compile a list of the top influences, bloggers, and journalists who would be interested in your story. These writers are people that have a big audience, at least 5,000. When these key writers post an article, your message is read, acted on, and shared like wildfire.

No - I don’t then spam your story to these key writers.

Boring as it sounds, I actually read their blog, articles and publication to gauge an approach.
I then, sort these reporters/ journalists/ influential bloggers into groups based on pitch angle.

With your final approval, I pitch the releases to these key reporters/ journalists/ influential bloggers.
This means I actually contact them, one at a time, and tell them why I think your story is right for THEM to report. Why their READERS would want to read it.

In short, I am going to do real, PR, pitching - old school style.
This is what works.

I will NOT be blasting releases to hundreds of journalists.
I will NOT be posting the releases to the release distribution network.
- Neither of these strategies will get you any press coverage.

What you’ll get is your story, professionally written, with an angle that will be of interest to key influencers, bloggers and reporters. Then pitched to these key journalists. And I’ll follow up with each contact.

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  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

What I need from you.
- Your product/service/cause and some description about how it fits in the market place.
- A realistic expectation. If you have another diet pill, it’s going to be hard to get press.
But if you have something that is news-worthy, or think you might, I’ll pitch is hard for you.
- Be open to some questions from me.