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What you get with this Offer

Are you serious about SEO?

And by serious I don't mean looking for an off the shelf, one-size fits all solution that miraculously shoots you to the top of page one on Google for a list of randomly selected phrases.

Because that's not living in the real world, especially in 2019.

People will try to convince you it is of course, but they're selling a dream, much like those adverts that promise a 'new body in 7 days' or 'a million dollar income by working two hours a week'.

It's not serious.

For people that are serious, here's what you need to know:

You can get quick results with SEO, but what you should really be interested in is sustainable growth. That's how businesses are built and prosper on search engines.

For both quick wins and long term growth all SEO should begin with strategy that's specific to the needs of your website and your business.

Strategy means 1) logically working out the phrases that you can realistically target in the short, medium and long term and 2) defining the actions that will be employed to pursue those targets.

Blindly plucking a few phrases out of the sky and saying 'I want to be on page one for this and that' doesn't constitute strategy and is the number one reason reason so many people fail.

So that's what I'm offering, strategy and guidance from a top SEO professional who can tell you what short and long term goals are achievable and exactly how you should pursue them.

The service includes:

1. A bespoke mini report, with ideas on strategy and the current SEO status of your website. I'll also throw in any obvious quick wins that can be implemented to bring success.


2. A phone call or Skype chat where we can discuss your business and website live and you can ask any specific questions you might have from the report.

In either instance, you can expect an honest, friendly and enthusiastic approach. I want to understand your business, see where SEO can add value and give you everything you need to succeed in organic search.

Several businesses who've purchased this Hourlie have gone on to become successful long term clients. Some have taken the report and successfully implemented it into their own strategy. All have been appreciative of the information. See my feedback for more. These are legitimate businesses taking SEO seriously.

If you're serious about SEO, I will take you down the a path to deliver serious success for your business.

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  • I can deliver all work in 3 working days

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

The minimum that's required is the URL (address) of your website.

However, access to Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console reports allow for a more in-depth analysis.

An overview of the business, it's history and overall digital marketing efforts up to this point is also very handy to provide the best possible feedback.