Extract all named ranges and formulas used in an Excel Workbook

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What you get with this Hourlie

Have you ever been given an Excel workbook made by someone else and asked to update it? When you opened it you found that it has many worksheets with interlinked formulae, did you feel it would be easier if you just knew what formula and named ranges are present?

I will take your Excel file and give you back another Excel file with 2 sheets.

Sheet 1 named "Formula" will contain a list of all the formulae used within each sheet in the workbook provided by you. It will contain the sheet name, the cell reference where the formula is being used and the actual formula. If the formula in any cell refers to some invalid sheet (missing from the workbook), it will be highlighted in Red.

Sheet 2 named "Ranges" will have a list of all the named ranges used within each sheet in your Excel workbook, including hidden sheets(which can be made visible) and truly hidden sheets( which can be made visible only by code). It will contain the range name, which cell address it refers to. If any named range refers to an invalid sheet (missing from the workbook), then it will be highlighted in Red.

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  • I can unhide all sheets in your Excel file (including truly hidden sheets)

    Requires no additional time

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Seller needs to start the work

A Copy of the Excel file from which you want Ranges and Formulae.

NOTE: Please ensure that none of the Worksheets in the Excel are unprotected since extracting formula from Protected Sheets is not possible.