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What you get with this Offer

Best thing about Amazon?

Unless your buyers are STUPID, they can find your products more or less instantly.

That's because Amazon is a captive marketplace and rounds your buyers up like sheep.

And the best thing about your buyers is ... they already want your stuff.

So when they land on your product listing page, you can be sure of 3 things.

1) They want your stuff (or why show up on your page?).

2) They likely have cash set aside in a dream budget.

(Those are the 2 GOOD things btw ... here comes the BAD thing ...)

3) Amazon is SO GOOD at dishing up precisely the right products that your buyers will already be looking in on your competitors.

So what happens next?

Let's make this really easy and say that your next potential buyer’s 10 open browser windows all offer EXACTLY the same product they want for EXACTLY the figure that ticks a big fat YES on their dream budget.

Which listing wins out?

Yours — or one of the other 9?

This depends on the quality of the offer you make ... the words you use to pitch your product.

Your copy's job is to SHOW how much BETTER your product is than the other 9 identical items.

More to the point, your copy must demonstrate beyond all doubt how much BETTER your buyers' lives will be when the benefits that YOUR product delivers are theirs to experience.

That's the one job your keyword-enhanced headline, bullets & description has —

to shut down all the other CLEARLY LAME offers.

Key to understanding how Amazon works (and getting the best results as a consequence) is to remember that it operates less like a regular online store and more like a COMPARISON WEBSITE.

Quality Amazon listing copy says ...


So make sure that product is YOURS ...

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

I'll need all the product deets, an idera of your target market, plus all the dirt on any pesky competitors snapping at your heels.

If you already have 5* reviews, I need to know about it. These are SATISFIED CUSTOMERS shaouting the place down with gold dust copy your next buyers simply MUST hear.