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What you get with this Hourlie


Hope you are well.

I will do research work for you.

Types of Research, Response, and Summary Offered:

Basic Research-Meant to enhance knowledge
Applied Research-Meant to solve practical world problem
Problem-Oriented Research-Mainly for companies seeking to so solve various problem
Quantitative Research-Here we deal with numeric figures
Qualitative Research-Here we analyze and interpret data
Analytical Response-We analyze key elements of a text
Agree/Disagree Response-We give an opinion
Interpretive/Reflective Response-We focus on key idea from a text
Main-Point Summary-Here, we give facts about a text
Key-Point Summary-Here, we include evidence & Reason

Benefits from our Services:

We help build confidence on your online research skills
We improve your research, response, and summary skills by monitoring progress
Offer proof of arguments, facts, and opinion (Work cited page)
Offer discounted and competitive prices

What the Seller needs to start the work

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