Do influencer marketing (outreaching Bloggers-Youtubers-Twitter-Instagram) in Spain

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What you get with this Offer

The idea behind an influencer marketing campaign is that a company, in seeking exposure for a product or service, leverages influencers who have established a substantial following, asking them to write about it in exchange for free access to the product or service. Sometimes, money would need to exchange hands as well to be completely honest.

I will:
- Identify 5/8 Influencers that match your company/brand/product/service (Bloggers/Youtubers/Twitters/Instagramers)
- Send a complimentary email to introduce your company product/service
- Distribute press materials (I can prepare a press release, if necessary, as extra) and provide images, videos and infographs to influencers.
- Coordinate product distribution (up to 5 influencers) (I can distribute products / accompany the influencers to a venue in Madrid (city) with extras)
- Follow up publications
- Prepare a final report in English or Spanish

Please, note that influencers have their own rhythm and some times it take some time until they prepare their publications/videos/images. I will really help if you can provide them with raw material (no logos) for them to use it.

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can write a press release in Spanish with the information you provide me in English (up to 800 words)

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can translate your press release in English to Spanish (up to 800 words)

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can proofread your press release in Spanish (up to 800 words)

    Requires no additional time

  • I can distribute your product to influencers (courier service to be paid appart)

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can accompany one influencer to a venue in Madrid (2 hours)

    Requires no additional time

  • I can transcript and translate a video in English into Spanish to distribute as a word doc (per 1 minute)

    Additional 3 working days


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

You can send either one of the following options:
* your final press release in Spanish (in case you are sure it is perfect and ready for its distribution to influencers)
* your press release draft in Spanish (in case you want us to proofread it and perform some minor chages to ensure its quality. In case the press release needs a major improvement, we can offer you the press release writing service as an extra)
* your press release in English (in case you want us to translate it)
* your raw information in English (in case you want us to write the press release for you. Nevertheless, you will have to indicate us the "Title" of the release, meaning you have to indicate us why you think your information is newsworthy).

You can include up to 10 images with the press release with no extra cost:
-Formats: jpg, gif, png
-1 Mb max size
-Title and Caption (both can be changed for space reasons), and author/copyright (if available)

You can include up to 3 videos with the press release with no extra cost:
- Uploaded in Youtube or Vimeo
- In Spanish, preferably, or with some English words

Note that If contents are in English (like spokespeople statements, make sure you have captions in Spanish for that (we can transcript and translate that into Spanish as an extra),