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What you get with this Offer

Young companies face many challenges when it comes to their volatile knowledge capital needs. In the early stages of growing, it can be difficult to find the right way of dealing with many difficulties. During the time of growth, most of the problems are just push it aside and pretend it's not there and hopes it'll fix itself.

If you feel that you losing control on what is happening in/with your company
If you feel that something is not right and you don't know what
You have hired a manager but you don't know how to check if this person is doing what you expect, maybe you even don't know what you should expect.

We provide a "Problem solver" solution for these obstacles.

I'll do an investigation/audit on site and then depends on how we agree, I'll give you a Preliminary Internal Audit Report where I'll describe fields on which you should focus on or the full report with solutions or also I can assist you with the implementation of improvements.
I offer consulting services such as:
- Operational Audit
- Business analysis
- Business health checks
- Business development
- Overall business consulting etc
I'll help you to reduce wastes of material, knowledge, time and of course your money.

Who is this offer for?
This is for all companies especially from production and building industry. When I mention about the production I meant all production even catering. All industries where we can meet materials wastage.
It is not only for big corporations, the biggest losses I meet in a smaller one where the owner is a professional in his subject but not an educated manager. If you hire more than 10 employees, maybe you should consider my offer.

I shouldn't call it an investigation as The Institute of Internal Auditors always emphasize that we are not detectives but sometimes I feel like one of them ;)

Please don't buy this offer before you contact me, probably I would not be able to meet with you in that short period of time.
I'll provide you with a Preliminary Internal Audit Report which I'll prepare based on your reports, around 8 hours of observation and interview in your workplace.

Price of £350 includes travel expenses up to 70 miles from Stirling.
If your company is based more than 250 miles from Stirling please contact me to customize offer.

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  • I can travel up to 250 miles from Stirling

    Additional 5 working days


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

I need to spend with you or with your delegate employee at least 8 hours on your workplace.