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What you get with this Offer

Let me guess: you’re great at what you do, and yet sometimes you wonder if starting your own business was the right decision. The amount of work is overwhelming, you are constantly worrying about finding your next client, and you’re far too busy just running your business to pause and think of ways to grow it. If any of this felt painfully accurate, don’t worry, you’re not alone. And that’s because, unlike big businesses with millions to spend on strategy, you never got expert advice on how to find a niche, price your services, and good clients who can afford you. Instead, you’ve more or less copied what others in your field are doing, and set your prices based on theirs. Stop right there. You are NOT like the rest, and you will never grow your business by blending in with them. There is something special about your business, service and skillset; we just need to find it and turn it into a killer advantage that sets you apart and gives you an edge over the competition. After working with the likes of Guinness, IKEA and Four Seasons Hotels, we know a thing or two about brand growth. But, since you’re not one of the fat cats with satellite offices in 57 locations, it won’t cost you millions or take months.

What do you get?

A clear, step-by-step path to quick growth — so you can start doing more of what you love doing, in less time, for more money.
Our process will help you:
- Define a clear and unique niche;
- Restructure the services you offer;
- Increase the value you give to clients;
- Stop undercharging;
- Stop working with clients you hate and attract your dream clients;
- Increase profit;
- Free up more time;
- Build an army of fans raving about you to others.

How does it work?

We’ve got a clear, efficient, carefully designed process that lets us define or redefine your strategy and changes the way you approach your business.

It starts with a workshop that makes you think of your business in completely new ways. Working together, we will figure out what isn’t working and why, and fix the things that are holding you back — from bland messaging and branding to bad pricing and process. We’ll be digging pretty deep — cue some difficult questions and unexpected revelations!

Then we’ll deliver your big shake-up™— a complete, no-nonsense strategy that identifies your unique value proposition and shows you how to apply it across every aspect of your business to make it stand out and deliver.

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can develop a brand identity based on your new strategy

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can build and write copy for a one-page website based on your new strategy

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can write a slogan and website copy based on your new strategy

    Additional 5 working days


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Please tell me a bit about your business, services and pricing, and your business goals for the next 12 months — then we can see if we're the right fit for each other.