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What you get with this Hourlie

Prezi is an online presentation tool that your audience will never forget; captivating your audience through your story with a visually stimulating performance which uses text, images, graphics and videos. Once you have your first Prezi created you see how exciting, innovative and interactive they can be, you will never want to use Power Point again!

Prezi Examples:

What you get with my service:
1. UK Based Prezi Designer available via email, phone or in person (location dependent)
2. Complete professionalism, responsiveness and timely communication, first and foremost.
3. 0-15 PowerPoint Slides - which may equated into 0-40 Prezi Frames, including any graphical work you wish.
4. Output will be delivered for online or offline usage.
5. Your own link to share your presentation via Windows/Mac laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.
6. Example designs as a mock up, with unlimited revisions on concept.

Prezi's that I've created have been used for a number of different companies such as Smart Order, British Sugar, Virgin Money, PromoVeritas, TTI Global, Finances Companies, Consultants, Technology firms, business start-ups and many more.

Please note:
Every Prezi is tailored made to meet YOUR requirements, and therefore please contact me with your requirements as to ensure an accurate cost and timeline for completion is provided.


Get more with Hourlie Add-ons

  • I can create PDF handouts based on slides

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can design 1 more bespoke Prezi Presentation

    Additional 5 working days

  • I can create a PDF Presentation based on your Prezi for print / handouts

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can provide raw Prezi data for your future use / editing.

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can make your Prezi into a high quality video

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day


What the Seller needs to start the work

All I need from you to create your ideal Prezi:
1. PowerPoint / Word document of content
2. Company logo in high resolution
3. Corporate colours (detail colour specs can be used)
4. Branding guidelines (if required)
5. Images, graphs or icons to be included.
6. Any other instructions (look, feel, examples)

I will work with you to create your perfect Prezi to suit you and your business needs.