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What you get with this Hourlie

You will have a carefully designed custom tattoo, just describe me an idea that you have in mind, or tell me the general concept and I will sketch it out for you. A tattoo is something that will be with you for the rest of your life, it is important to make it right, I have found that achieving a result you absolutely love in only 5 days is usually not possible, please allow more time.

I always try to make the clients part of the process, the client is a creator too, the important design decisions are all yours, but on the flipside this leads to incredible amounts of time spent on work and communications, for that I have decided to standardize the process a bit:

1. Round of thumbnail sketches, I make usually 3 or 4 pages from where you select the elements, compositions, details that you like.
2. With the general design and elements of the tattoo established, I move on to make the big, digital sketch. Here you should tell me exactly what you want and where, I will take care of the composition, making it balanced and beautiful. I send you previews every time I see 2 or more design choices look good, or to simply show you progress.
3. I show you a final sketch, you can tell me what other few things to change, and then you approve the art.
4. Then I make the final piece, other tiny changes allowed.

A ‘Major change’: is when the sketches and your approval of those sketches led me to work for half an hour or more on something, and then you changed your mind and I had to do the part all over. This basic Hourlie includes up to 6 Major changes! *

‘Change of approved part’ is when after seeing the final sketch or previews you approved something to be finished, I finish it, and you want a change on this part. *

*Use the ‘add on’ feature below for more, or I’ll just add them to final invoice, with previous notice of course.

The fees here are aimed to a medium size tattoo such as the primary sample, (which goes on the pectoral muscle), for bigger OR smaller jobs talk to me.

Rights for this tattoo design are exclusive, meaning that I won't sell the image I made for you to anybody else. I do reserve the right to sell some parts of it as stock, and show it in my portfolio. Also it would be incredibly cool to have a picture of your tattoo once you have it done, and your permission to show it in my portfolios, if that is ok :D

Please check my portfolio here on PPH to see more about my style and skill.

Get more with Hourlie Add-ons

  • I can do other 2 major changes

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can do other 6 major changes

    Additional 4 working days

  • I can change previously approved and finished part

    Additional 1 working day


What the Seller needs to start the work

Please take a quick look, this is the process from scratch to completion of the first design of this Hourlie:

The more you know what you want the better, what do you have in mind? for what part of the body is it for? how big? line or shaded? colour or black and white?

Provide references if any, or references of tattoos with a particular style or shape that you would like me to imitate (imitate to a certain extent, please don’t ever ask me to copy somebody else's artwork or even parts of it).

Body part and size:
Most importantly, please have someone take an eye level pic of the area you want covered with the tattoo, as well as some space around to appreciate composition.
The idea is to use it like a sort of canvas and be more precise. ;)
Also at some point I’ll ask for measurements, so I can give you the printing size.

PSD format with all layers editable
JPG, Transparent PNG.
A photo reference, basically the picture you gave me with the tattoo design on it.
Anything else that might be relevant.