Deliver in depth market research (UK only)

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What you get with this Offer

I offer Market research at all three different types of levels, from normal market research, to in-depth research that is alike militaristic excellence in the field of army intelligence. I can offer marketing research that will have information on -
-Who your customers are
-Where are they based
-What prompts customers to buy from you
-What factors help customers choose which business to buy from
-Desk research and key findings
-Competitor analysis (extremely in-depth - includes their target market, partners and associates, services provided, method of delivery, location, prices high or low, main focuses, company background, structure, model, mission, list of directors and secretaries, leadership styles, how many businesses in their name currently running, number of dissolved companies and why they were dissolved, did they resolve it?, social media following, methods of marketing, website viewers, Website ranks, average visit duration, website bounce rate and more)
-Swot analysis of their company and yours
-Your potential Unique selling point compared to your competitors.
and more.

Message me to see an example. This can also be added to other gigs.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

- your business idea or products/services you are providing
- your location
Please don't hesitate to message us, what I need from you depends on what you need from us. Thank you.