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What you get with this Hourlie

Convert a set of bulk image file(s) from a source format into any other required by you, applying different options and features such as: Custom compression ratio, rotation, resize, renaming, change metadata, and lots of other different possible options.
Take in count, dear customer, that this hourlie is intended for LARGE assets of data (from dozens to thousands of image files) and doesn't imply edition or retouching. If you need detailed image editing, feel free to check my other hourlies for that spedific kind of job.

A comprehensive, not yet exhaustive list of uses for this hourlie can be:

· Converting lots of uncompressed bitmap images, into a one much more portable and compatible format. With lossless compression, you can reduce each file size in more or less 50% without loss a simple bit of quality, and with wisely applied lossy compression, the saving ratio can reach around 90% and you won't even note any difference.

· Resizing your pictures when its exaggeratedly high resolution becomes into an issue of bandwidth and time uploading waste onto cloud storage and/or sharing it in social networks.

· Rotate assets of images, without quality loss.

· Adding / removing / optimizing features to your lossless images files such as all described above, and also special features, as add an alpha channel, make them load progressively in web pages, etc.


· The offered task is really quick compared with manual saving (even using macros in image suites), and once the conversion is started, it will be performed continuously until its end.

· Human intervention is only limited to receive, check for inconsistencies (mostly corrupted data), pack and deliver the output through agreed ways.

· Data can be previously packed in containers and/or compressed folders, ISO images, and any other possible way for me to pack it (options can be discussed). It can also be directly uploaded to your preferred cloud storage service (Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, OwnCloud, etc.) if you need it.

· Work is warranted in the way that represents the fully described client's requirement. Human errors, inconsistencies, data corruption during transmission will be treated as soon as possible.

Get more with Hourlie Add-ons

  • I can convert 1 GB into Different Formats

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can convert 1,5 GB into Different Formats

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can convert 2 GB into Different Formats

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can convert 2,5 GB into Different Formats

    Additional 4 working days

  • I can convert 3 GB into Different Formats

    Additional 5 working days


What the Seller needs to start the work

1. Volume in MB or GB of bulk data that needs to be converted.
2. Images need to be accessible for downloading.
3. Detailed explanation about your requirement (please read below.)
4. Your deadline.
5. A place where to upload the processed images.


- Read the attached text file for image compatibility. The list is huge and most of known image formats are supported.

- Before to buy the hourlie, please message me first with your requirement. This way, I will be able to provide assertive help and assessment in case of doubts and.

- If you're a graphic designer and have a very specific requirement, I will be also happy into hearing you, even if I never did certain process before.

- ‘Default’ offer is intended for convert uncompressed images into compressed, lossless (such as PNG) and/or lossy (such as JPG) files. Being the output equal or minor in size against its source. When the output format nature implies, even uploading with compression, an equal or major size than the original data asset, additional charges needs to be discussed in advance.


Take in mind I won't accomplish this task with copyrighted images, or any content considered illegal. In the first case, I will be happy into sign any agreement directly from their legal proprietaries and/or representants and, in the second case, every possible legal action will be taken.