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What you get with this Hourlie

The stats for businesses who have claimed their FREE Google Maps listing

November 2013 – 20%
December 2016 – 44%

The reason why more haven’t is a mystery, since it is the best free gift a business could wish for.

According to Yelp blog, currently 85% of consumers look for local services online.

Net Market Share ( April 2017): Google has the global market share as favourite search engine by 77%. 

Simply put: when people search, they usually search on Google; when they look for a local service, they usually do so online.

Why Maps is so valuable to you? The bottom line: getting your site to the first page involves very costly SEO experts - and it’s a very complicated game to play. Getting your business on the first page of Google – at the top – with Maps is still very predictable.

There are other benefits, too numerous to mention- like multiple areas of visibility on Youtube, etc, and multiple keyword exposure. Maps is a lead giant which reaches into every part of the Internet, ensuring maximum visibility.

Claiming your listing does not, in any way, guarantee your visibility on the first page. It is the first step of a process in which you optimise your listing in such a way as to promote it to the first page of Google for relevant search terms in your local area. Whether you can do this depends on the competitiveness of your niche in your local area, as well as other factors. 

NOTE: claiming your listing can range from simple to complicated- depending on a number of factors.

Please contact me to discuss these factors before purchasing this hourly.

Before deciding to claim your listing, please contact me and I will research your niche and offer my opinion: free service

I am not the original expert. I have done courses with the original experts; and knowing what they charge, see an opportunity to offer the same service for less, to a more general public

Once you have claimed your listing and decide to optimise your Maps listing, I only do one local niche business per geographic area. I don’t like dealing with clients where there are issues of conflict of interest. To claim this privilege, there is a retainer fee of $200 a month to keep you within the first three top spots of Google Maps listing on the first page.

"Proof" in portfolio: pdf at end of portfolio with follow up info

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What the Seller needs to start the work

I need to consult with you with regard to your current status online, and with regard to details about your business ( telephone number etc), in order to assess whether your business is a good candidate for reaching a priority position in your local niche. This would be the only real reason for claiming your listing in the first place - ie: a vision to carry the process further as a long-term marketing asset.

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