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What you get with this Offer

*** This is an hourly price, do not purchase straight away, message us first ***
When we work together, we ensure you get more value for your cash. This service is provided to you by an expert in that specific field, with years of experience and a proven track record for many SME’s and even large ones! Each consultant is tested and vetted to ensure they are up to the job. You will be made aware of who You will be assigned and this service will be provided by either by telephone or a report, which is tailored to your business.
We also work around your budget, because we understand start-ups sometimes don’t have the cash, and we use telephone calls or reports because we understand established businesses sometimes don’t have the time. So, we have combined the two to give you an excellent experience worthwhile.
We offer consulting services such as:
- Start-up support
- Business project analysis
- Business analysis
- Business health checks
- Advice on accounting, bookkeeping, tax and other financial services
- Consulting and advice on HR, employment, employee relations, leadership
- Strategic marketing consulting to boost sales
- Business development
- Overall business consulting
And much more. Message us to see how we can help.
*** What about the price? ***
This is ‘price per hour’, each consultation can take longer/shorter depending on what service is being provided to your business.
We also try to work around budgets that makes us so unique compared to other businesses and you will still get quality results that suite you. A fixed price will be provided before we go ahead.
*** Why us? ***
If you're not convinced already, let me tell you why we are the best.
- Quality, custom-made consulting for your business
- a range of services (custom made services) that are tailored to your needs, not ours.
- We aim to reach your budget and even beat it (we will try and make it as low as we possibly can, for a high-quality service).
- A trustworthy, no-nonsense workforce that gets the job done ON TIME.
- we will always provide a fixed price before any project starts.
- we have a range of consultants who are experts in their field, with a wide range of knowledge and lengthy experience in either business or consulting.
- we have proven methods of success and a network of reliable sources to help reach your needs.
- our services will provide a range of advantages, whatever your needs to benefit your business and reach your goals.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

all we need from you to start with is -
- what is your business name
- what subject do you need support in
- what is the query and do you have a budget?
After this, we will be able to look into it a little deeper and have a full examination. We will provide you with a fixed price and request any further information once this has been established.