Automate laborious tasks in Animate CC by coding JSFL scripts

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What you get with this Hourlie

Say, you are using Adobe Animate CC, to create beautiful vector art, animations or for programming applications. No doubt, your art, animation or app is going to be the next big thing! But while you are working, you frequently face a huge list of some monotonous and repetitive task list, that eats most of the valuable time. For example, changing fonts on all 100 frames, or changing the quality of all 50 bitmaps in the library etc. It’s not only a source of stress but working on them is a waste of time. Instead of wasting time in such a laborious work you should concentrate on more productive work in your list. Hiring assistant is sometimes not an option for such unpredictable tasks. Instead, there is a better alternative. Automation!, Adobe Animate provides a list of Javascript API to automate it’s tasks, and the technology is called as JSFL, abbreviated form of Javascript for Flash (now Adobe Animate CC). Not only automation, it can help you extend and add new features to your Animate IDE. Say, a new tool that can draw a particular pattern you need often, or a custom panel window with a custom calculator etc.
JSFL runs in Animate’s authoring environment. It’s a Javascript API, that lets you write scripts to perform several actions in the Flash authoring environment. In technical terms, it’s based on a Document Object Model (DOM), which allows Animate’s documents to be accessed using JavaScript objects. It can help you streamline the authoring process. You can write scripts to automate repetitive tasks or add custom tools to the Tools panel. One can run a script to batch process or automate renaming hundreds of items in the library, or modify instances on the stage in a fraction of a second.
So, if you are using Animate CC, and find a task list laborious, repetitive, monotonous or worth automating, then buying this hourly will be a great time saver. I can offer you services for writing JSFL script for your task list. Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubts or questions before buying.

What the Seller needs to start the work

I will need details regarding the task list, that needs to be automated. Also I will need to know the version of Animate CC IDE/ Flash IDE ( eg. is it Adobe Animate CC, Flash CS6, CS5.5, CS5 etc ) you are using. It's because there are cases where JSFL runs differently for different versions of the IDE.